A book of imagines

this book is all imagines. read it then clouse your eyes and picture it. I will most for every one and just put Y/N, but if you want one just for you leave a comment on your name and who you want.


1. A walk through the park (Liam)


you and your best friend Liam where walking through a park. Things have been really tough you mum passed away a few days ago and today you boyfriend broke up with you. Liam has no idea about your boyfriend. "y/n how was your date last night" Liam asks you. "Uh.." you say starting to cry. "We broke up"  you finish. Liam pulls you into a hug and says "I'm so sorry." "It's ok" You say rubbing your eyes. "Did you call that girl back" you ask him trying to change the subject. "No, I like another girl. "Oh whats she like" You ask. "She is amazing, the most kindest and im looking at her" Liam says looking at you. You smile and say "I like you to." "can i kiss you" he asks leaning in. "Yes" you say smiling. You two kiss and then you hear you ex behind you. "Wow go kiss another guy the day after we brake up" He says walking towards you with anger on his face. "I-i-i" you say but dont know how to finish. "I kissed her" Liam said. "And she kissed you right back" your ex says. "Why do you care you dumped me." You say getting alittle mad. "well that dosnt mean you can go kiss other guys" You ex says. "i can kiss who ever i want" you say kissing Liam again. Your ex gets mad and walks away. You blush looking at Liam. "Wanna go see a movie" you ask him. "Ya lets go watch the new batman" He says full of joy. "OK lets go" You say laughing.



i will publish new imagines at least every week. I might publish more. How was it. let me know if you want one. Let me know what you think. let me know if you think I should make my imagines smaller, or bigger, or if there just fine, or should I do all diffrent sizes.

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