ill always have your heart

this story all started in?? c; . its no sad or happy story its both cx and hope u like it no bad comments though!!! <3


1. chapter 1

4th of july* *out side my house.* Austin POV. i have a bestfriend name Amy. weve been bestfriends since forever c;i have a little crush on her so.. dont tell ^.^ she lives across from me. I saw her look up at the sky watching the fireworks.I went over to say hey. but she was so.. distracted she didnt even lisen.Heyy Amy watchu doing. Looking at the fire works she said. Oo thats cool. yeaa it is c; (she said with a smile on her face) Amy its not the first time you've seen them i said. I know but... i dont know everytime i see them i feel like its a new start of life you know. Yeaa i answerd c; so.. how come your not with Leo. Ooo Leo (she said with a sad face) he.. well i saw him kissing another girl so.. i broke up with him (she said crying). i put my arm aroound her cuz i felt bad. Ive never seen my bestfriend cry like tat. she put her head on my shoulder i wanted to stand up and say Amy F*ck Leo im a better man then him. i would never hurt u. would u like to go out with me. But i couldnt. ill do chapter 2 in a bit. cx hope u liked next chapter is even better sneek peek Amy finds out out something Bad about Austin that Austin dosent even know stay tuned cx
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