For the Week at Hogwarts Challange, Cassiopeia Malfoy is supposedly a squib at a muggle secondary school when she is invited to partake in an exchange program... with Hogwarts


1. I'm never going

When you’re younger, you dream of going to Hogwarts. You feel certain that the letter will come that summer. It doesn’t, but you keep hoping. Each year that passes brings a little more disappointment, and you begin to force the thought out of your mind. By your fifteenth birthday you have nearly forgotten about the disappointment of being a squib, even though you can see the castle in the distance from your school. You know that you would never be allowed to go anyway, as your parents ‘don’t believe in magic’. Quite ironic for purebloods...


Cassie sighed as she placed her quill on her open journal. She was never going to Hogwarts, and that was that. She wondered why her parents had chosen to turn their backs on magic. Was it really just for her, or had something happened. Something to do with her brother, perhaps? She smiled at the waving Scorpius on her mirror as he grinned between the camera and a much younger Cassie, who was trying to catch butterflies as they flew past in the wind. He had been the best brother a girl could ask for. That is when he wasn’t attempting to woo Rose Weasley. That girl had ensnared his heart and wasn’t going to give it back, period. Still, Cassie was glad that he’d had some happiness, even if it was for a short time. He had got to go to Hogwarts, she thought, slightly bitterly.

The flash past her window was enough to remind her that she had school today. Shoot. Stupid bus, it wasn’t supposed to come for another ten minutes! Shouting a quick ‘Bye!’ to her parents and clamping a slice of toast between her teeth, she slipped her arms into her coat and flung the open school-bag onto her back before racing down the stairs and out the door. The bus driver rolled his eyes at her as she climbed on board, and she grinned behind her toast. Collapsing in the nearest seat, Cassie tore the bread apart and ate it as daintily as possible.

‘You have jam on your nose, did you know?’

Cassie beamed and leapt from her slouched position. ‘Paige!’

Laughing, Paige embraced her. They spent the journey discussing their holidays, and about what was happening at school. Paige knew everything about everyone, so it came as no surprise to Cassie that she had already found about roughly seven relevant pieces of gossip to share with her, despite it being the first day of school. And they weren’t even at school yet.

 ‘Cassiopeia, the head teacher wants to see you,’ called one of her classmates, almost as soon as they’d stepped off the bus. Paige raised an eyebrow and wished her luck as Cassie racked her brains to think what she had possibly done to deserve a visit to Mrs Thomas. The only thing she could think of was the English essay that she’d handed in a week late, but Mr Donaldson had said it didn’t matter.

Groaning quietly she knocked on the door. ‘Come in!’ was the rather stern reply. Cassie peered round the door and winced.

‘There you are,’ cried Mrs Thomas, ‘sit yourself down dear. Now, Miss Malfoy, let’s get right down to business. We have been offered an excellent opportunity to have an exchange student come to our school for a week. Naturally, we must send a student to the other school, or there would be no point in the exchange. As you are a model student of Greenbank Academy, we want to send you.’

Cassie’s jaw felt slack and she saw sparks appear at her fingertips.

‘It’s alright dear, everything has already been settled. Your parents have signed all the relevant forms, and you will be leaving next week. All we needed was to tell you. Anything you want to ask?’

‘Erm, yes. Which school will I be exchanging to?’

Mrs Thomas nodded her head and smiled. ‘Very sensible. It has rather a funny name actually. It’s called Hogwarts.’

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