forever yours

a 16 year old girl and her best friend that she has known her hole life go through a big change will they stay friends or drift apart forever.


1. this is just the begging

emilys pov ,

" Liam hurry up we don't want to be late for school " i yelled at liam from down stars he has  been getting ready for an hour now."im comming calm down we well be fine." he yelled back. liam and i have been friends since i was  3 years old are family are really close and me and liam got are own flat because  they were kinda driving us crazy . " come on lets go " i yelled bc he was still up stars . i ran up the steps to the bath room and started knocking on the bathroom door. he finaly came out with a mad look on his face '' im done you happy now.''  he said with a mad tone . he never was a morning person . i nodded and gave him a big smile he just laugh and went  down stars. it was 7:50 and i was wide a wake cause i had been a wake since i woke up at 5 to get ready . " i put cofee on go get  you a cup and wake up sleepy head " i said smiling at liam . he got a cup to go and walk back to the living room '' come on you wouldnt wat to be late '' he looked at me and smiled it was his last year of school and i still had next year and i was done . we got in the car and  i terned on the radio and me and liam stated singing liam was a great singer in fact he tried out for xfactor but hasnt herd anything yet but i know he will . we got to school and when to are classes " see you later " he said and gave me a hug he as like my big brother and everyone new that so his girls that he would talk to didnt mind he didnt have anyone right now . after school was over we meet up at the car with some of are friends and talked for a will then we went to go get something to eat with all are friends . i rode with my friends Callie , Lauren and destany. in callies car . liam was in his car with is friends zake cody and drake . "so how was you day ' callie said looking at me for a sic then smiled ." it was ok i guess " i smiled ' so you do know that drake is going to be with us right' destany said i smiled at destany we all laughed drake was liams best friend and i sorda liked him and we talked about it one but not much and never really started taking . '' i know and its cool '' i said bloshing " of corse it is you like him " callie said we got to stake and shake where the boys where waiting in side so we went in "how many  " the waiter said  " oh we are with them " callie said ponting to the boys " oh ok " she said smiling  we went to the boys and sat down of course i sat by liam and drake "hey " i said smiling at drake he smiled back liam got a phone call and went out side he came back in with a big smile " who was that ?" i said looking at liam 

liams pov.

i answered the phone  " hello " i said in the phone " hi is this liam payne " the lady on the phone said " yes it is " " we need you to come and sing on x-factor" the lady siad i was so happy and couldn't  stop smiling and we talked for a min or two about when and where and then hung up when i walked in side and sat down by emily and smiled " who was that"  emily said smiling" that was  x-factor i made it" liam that great " emily said  hugging me 

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