Short Story


1. Scream!

“Lisa can you get that?!” I was half way there anyway. I entered a competition in Scream magazine and I run to the phone every time it rings. I’ve been keeping it a secret from mum because I’m afraid I won’t win. Normally it’s our neighbour asking if we have spare washing powder or baked beans. When I picked up the phone I said “what do you want now?!” “To speak to Lisa Simons please?” said the person on the other end of the phone uncertainly.  Oh no! “Sorry, I thought you were someone else - it’s Lisa speaking” “Fantastic! You have won the fashion competition you entered in Scream magazine!” I screamed then! Then I came to my senses - I was still on the phone! I said.“Thank you VERY much, when should I come down?” “2 o’clock on the dot tomorrow, no later!” “Thank you! See you tomorrow 2 o’clock on the dot!” The line went dead and mum came running through. “What is it? Who was it? “LISA WHAT IS IT?!” I breathed in and then let it all out. “I entered a competion in scream and I’ve been waiting for them to call me, email me, text me anything and then finally they called me I’ve got to be there tomorrow at 2 no earlier no later! I gasped for breath and then mum said “You’re burbling tell me again! So I explained again slower this time and then mum said “Forget Grannies tomorrow you’re going to be a fashion intern!” I was a tiny bit worried about Grannies tomorrow but I knew mum wouldn’t mind because she loves fashion the same as me. Suddenly mum said “We need to go shopping NOW!”

We spent hours choosing the right outfit for me. Normally I love shopping but I was worried I wouldn’t get enough sleep. Finally we found the perfect outfit. A black oversized jumper with a gold heart on it. We picked out some blue jeans and gold baseball boots. We also got three bangles that clinked every time I moved. We headed home and mum made chicken wraps and chips which is normally my favourite dinner but tonight I couldn’t eat anything. Mum said thats okay. I got ready for bed.

The big day came. I jumped out of bed and sprinted through to her room screaming. “GET UP!” “It’s not Christmas! ”She said sleepily. I’m going to the fashion studio today remember?!” “Yay!” She jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. She made porridge and pancakes for breakfast. My favourite and this time I was able to eat it. By time I was finished mum was ready and it was my turn. I quickly had a shower and let mum blow-dry my hair. When she finished, she curled it and then got started on my makeup. Quite natural. It looked amazing! I got dressed and then helped mum make a packed lunch.

A taxi came for us at 1:30. My stomach was doing backflips the whole way there.

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