One Direction Imagines

This is my first movella I have done. I will post imagines ever day. If toy want one comment your :
Hair colour
Eye colour
Dirty or non dirty
And the boy you want it with.


14. Dirty Harry for Nathalie

I was walking home from college, when i suddenly bump into someone and all my paper go flying eveywhere, shit ! I need these for tomorrows exam ! I quickly get on my hands and knees and begin to collect the pages, the guy that knocked me over just steps on my papers and walks away. Great, I knew people could be arragont, but sheesh ! 
I collect all my papers and walk around the bend of the road and walk down an alley way, I quicken my pace as i see 4 or 5 men standing around smoking and drinking, "Hey there sexxxyy" one of the men slurred, also one of them wolf whistled, "You know, i'm not a dog, so please don't whistle at me k.?" I spat back at the guy.
Just as I was about to run away, another man grabs my wrist and pin's me against the wall, resulting in me, yet again, losing my damn papers ! "Let go you creep" I shout, "Shut up bitch, otherwise this will be more painful" he says and start to remove him pants, "Hey, dick, get the fuck away from her" someone said from the end of the alleyway. "And what are you gonna do bout it" the man slurred and shove his lips against mine, "This" he replied, and a heavy weight is lifted off me.
The mystery man started beating the living daylights out of the men and the other 3 ran away, leaving the man with no trousers on and the man who whistled at me, soon enough they gave up and ran, "Sorry you had to see that...uh ?" "Nathalie" I replied, "Nice name babe" he said and started collecting my papers, "What's your name ?" I asked, as he took my arm and linked it with mine, "Harry, Harry styles" he smirked.
He walked me to my dorm and I invited him in, just the kind thing to do since he was basically my hero ! "Uhh you want something to eat or drink or......?" I questioned, "Nah babe i'd rather had something else" he said whilst licking his lips. He pulled me to my bed and threw me on it.
He pinned my wrists above my head and started kissing my neck, "Mmh Harry, please do...somehting" I moan, he starts to rub over my left nipple making the hairs on my neck stand up, "Paitence babe" he moaned and started removing my clothing, I sat up and removed his aswell.
He pushed me back down on the bed after he was naked, Now we were completly naked, he ran his hand over my pussy, now dripping with cum, He licked his lips at the sight and lowerd his head to my clit, he started licking up and down it and stuck his tounge in my hole without any warning, "Oh god...Mmhh yeah Haa..rryy" I moan, "You like that babe" he mumbles against my hole, "Ye...eah Harry gonna cum" I cry.
He suddenly pulls out and says "No babe you can wait !" he say's and roll's on a condom faster than I can see, and roughly pushes into me balls deep. "Oh" I moan, "Ooooh baby, gonna cum" he say's whilst thrusting into me faster and harder. He releases his liquids in me and pulls out, and collapses next to me. "Nathalie, will you be my girlfriend ?" he say's and looks up at me, his emerald eyes glowing, "Yeah, yeah I will" I replied, and he kisses me on the lips before falling asleep.

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