Little cabin on the lake

This is my first one, please comment uour thiughts on it. ill try to update it often. Tori thinks that this morning is going to be boring same old same old, then she meats Liam Payne!!! Nothing will be the same ever again.


1. Who are you?


Tori's P.O.V:

I woke up earlier than I wanted to it's only 5:58 but I'm up for the day. Right after I poured my morning cup of coffee, I walk across the street to the Lake. I know that I won't be bothered cause no one else  but me swims here. I automatically dive in, the cold water feels nice on my skin. After a half an hour I drag my little blue kayak into the water and paddle off to a Little Log Cabin on the other side of the lake, the cabin isn't that bug but it's a pretty good sized place. As soon as the Cabin comes into view I freeze, there are lights on and I can hear someone moving inside. I find a large stick and carefully make my way towards the cabin. I slowly and quietly open the front door and walk in. Whoever it is, they're in the kitchen. I count 3.....2.....1 "ATTACK!!!!" I stop though, for in front of me is a cute brown haired boy. I cautiously say, "Who are you and what are you doing here?!?!?!?" he calmly says, "The name's Liam, Liam Payne, what's your name?" he asks, I tell him, "My name is Victoria, but I go by Tori. Y are u here?", "Well, I needed some time to myself and I saw this cabin and thought it was a great place, y do u live here?", he says guiltily, I  quickly say, "No I don't live here, no one lives here." Liam walks around the room, stops and asks, "Tori, would u mind staying here with me? I wish to stay here and i get kinda lonely" at first I'm shocked, but then i say, "Sure, just let me go back to my house and pack a suitcase.", When Liam hears the word 'house' he asks if he can come with me, i let him to with me.  When we get back to the cabin, i see that Liam cleaned up around the house, i ask Liam, "You from around here?", he answers, "No, but I want to live here." every so often I catch him starting at me. 

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