You Won't Believe This-Fun Facts

The Craziest Fun-Facts Ever! With Proof of Course!! You Won't Believe This! (ask to see Picture Proof data in Comments)


1. Movies

1)If you go to Disney Land and yell ANDY'S COMING! They people in costumes will stop what their doing a lay down pretending to be "dead"

2)If you use your friend's or roommate's Netflix account it is considered a federal crime.

3) Nemo from finding Nemo appears as one of Boo's toys from Monster's Inc. before "Finding Nemo" ever premiered.

4) Calling 1(781) 452-4077 will actually transmit to a "Hogwarts Hotline" where you can learn more about the school.

5) All the books in Dumbledore's office are yellow pages rebound to look old.

6) In The Terminator 2 Swarteznager only spoke 700 words and was paid $15 million for the whole movie. Which means he got payed $85,716 for saying " Hasta La Vista Baby"

7) In Circus De Soleil the movie the entire movie only had five words and 2 of them were repeated words.

8) All the characters in Toy Story blink one eye at a time.

9)Titanic took $7 million to build and the movie took $200 million.

10) Pumbaa from the Lion King was the first to Fart In a Disney Movie

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