Criminal 2: Stole My Heart

Jesse is back and badder than ever. She robbed, she murdered, she even stole. "People always say Im just looking for Trouble. Trouble finds me. Its like a mini hide 'N' Seek. Im hiding, Trouble is seeking." -Jesse Sharpe



Hey Marley here. So sorry i havent been on!!

*Jesses POV*

 "Niall bring me back to my house. Im tired." I said groggily. "K." He replied. We drove back home. Ironically, a 1D song came on. "AND LET ME KISS YOU! OH I JUST WANNA SHOW U OFF TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS MAKIN THEM DROOL OUT THEIR CHINNY CHIN CHINS BABY BE MINE TONIGHT MINE TONIGHT, BABY BE MINE TONIGHT YEAH!" we sang,. W finally pulled up to my house. "Bye Ni. Love ya like a bro." i said. "wait! I wanna walk you in!!" niall waddled up to me. i giggled a bit. We walked inside my house. I saw Jai. Kissing.... "KAY?!?!" Niall screamed.



 My lips were in sync with Jais. I love him. "KAY?!?!" I heard Niall scream. "What the hell!!" Niall walked to jess. "Bye Jess. I gotta.. *gulp* leave." he walked to his car. Jesse rolled her eyes at me and Jai. "What the hell. Is. Goin. On. Here!?" She paused. And i walked into the guest bedroom. She followed. "Kay, what the fuck are you doing with MY brother, Jai?!" She screamed. "BROTHER?!" i screamed back. "Yes, Brother! HES MY BROTHER!" she screamed in return. "YOUR LIPS WERE GLUED ONTO MY BROTHERS LIPS! WHY DID U DO THAT TO ME?!" she screamed. I dont know what im doing roght now. I punched her. 

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