Criminal 2: Stole My Heart

Jesse is back and badder than ever. She robbed, she murdered, she even stole. "People always say Im just looking for Trouble. Trouble finds me. Its like a mini hide 'N' Seek. Im hiding, Trouble is seeking." -Jesse Sharpe


8. Trusting

Hey K.Styles here, my computer keys are somewhat stuck so if I forget a word or one too many spaces. Sorry. Stupid computer. But I hope you like the chapter!


***Kay's POV***

I walked to my friends house. Since he knows I was gone for a while he will be surprised. I walked in the back door, and dropped my stuff on te kitchen floor. I walked through the house to find him. He was i his room watching movies. I creep up on him and yelled "BOO!!!" he jumped and landed on the floor. I was laughing so hard. I was pulled down onto the floor. "Hey babe" Jai said. I was still laughing. Once I calmed down, he kissed me on the lips. "So when were you planning to tell me when you will be coming back?" He said as he got up and helped me up. 

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