Consumption of a Lonely Soul

During the day you are free to run away from your soldiery thoughts. You can focus on tedious small talk and tasks but when you're lying in bed, alone, condemned by silence, there is no running : only confrontation.

In aid of those who are pleading to be distracted from the lonesomeness that follows them.


1. Consumption of a Lonely Soul


Consumption of a Lonely Soul 

In the echo of night
Loneliness suffocates me.
Initially I resist 
Grieving for the emptiness inside me
Vast scorched wastelands
That breath no life 
Then through quiet sighs
I mourn for the silence that 
Surrounds me.
No soul near to water 
The inner desert 
I keep.
But as softly as my eyelids flutter shut 
Isolation soothes me 
My heart is numb and
My Mind is peaceful
As the darkness brings
Blessed death
To my suffering


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