Fighters of the night

Just a normal girl. In a normal world. when everything changed when Ava and her mom got in a car accident and her mom died. No one can protect her not even her long lost dad. She must fight for herself, her friends too. Danger is coming and there the only ones who can protect the world. They are the fighters of the night. The world is holding by one thread, Ava, Matt and Haley are the only ones who can save it.


1. Panic.

     Panic. I woke up and i was in pain. My arms bleeding, bruises, burns everywhere,  Haley running after me, I was in someones arms but i couldn't tell because of my blurry vision. "Matt?" I was trying to figure out what was wrong and going on. I coughed badly and moaned in pain. "It's going to be ok Ava i promise just hold on. i'm going to get u to the hospital" My ears were drumming and my head was pounding. "Matt?- i coughed- Whats going on? i hurt all over." i whispered. Tears started streaming down his face and he stroked my cheek. i coughed again. I looked behind me and Haley was frozen. Staring. "Matt. Haley-i breathed heavy-"  suddenly i felt as if i was falling. i hit hard on the pavement. Coughing and moaning in pain as i rolled over. Someone picked me up. :who r u" i coughed up. "shh... my sweet daughter your going to be safe." I coughed and breathed "daughter?" he was running. i bounced in his arms. I coughed and moaned in pain again. I suddenly saw black spots. Everywhere. and a white light. I was going to die this was the end. goodbye cruel world. goodbye my loving mother. The last thing i heard was the person yelling for my friends to follow, then Everything went black.


      I woke up. I focused on my body. every burn, cut, broken bone was gone. I sat up. i looked around the room

  It was a white room with a bed a big light a few mirrors a clear door and two chairs. Haley and Matt were sitting there, Haley was hugging Matt tightly and shaking in fear. Matt smirked at me and pulled Haley away and slowly walked towards me. i stared at him with my blue eyes and his bright green eyes staring at me. he pulled my blonde hair back and hugged me tight. "I'm so glad your okay. I was worried you weren't gonna wake up."Matt said. i just sat there not even putting my arms around him like we usually do as "best friends" i just breathed softly and stared at the wall. I shivered. "What's wrong Ava?" i just stared i got up and walked to the bathroom. 

  In  the bathroom i stared at the mirror. i looked different. stronger, my eyes were brighter, my hair was longer i had no split ends i was perfect, i smiled, Ok my dimples are there. i looked at my body. Ok, i had the same body type, i only looked stronger taller. 'Get yourself together Ava, Get it together.' I thought. I breathed deeply. and held my breath and walked out. "I Look different." I said "We all do i'm liking it, i look like a total hot super model." Haley did a little turn and popped her hips and winked at Matt. I rolled my eyes. "Where are we?" i cracked as i spoke. "Um, We don't know all your dad- "MY DAD?!" I interrupted Matt as he spoke. "Yea, hes you dad, anyway he told me and Haley to watch over u as u sleep and overtime your cuts and stuff disappeared, i think it was that stuff your dad gave you" Matt explained. " Wait hold up, what are you talking about my dad? my dad died before i was born. How can he be my dad?" I said. " I don't know? he just told me he was your dad then told me to look after you." 

     Suddenly the door creaked open. My heart pounded, my brain sensed danger. A tall muscular guy step in. I stared deeply into his blue eyes. It was my dad. I gasped, i tripped over my feet (clumsy me) Matt caught me. "thanks." "Dad? is that really you. i thought you were dead?! and u look like your dressed like an 1800's Whats going on? Why do u look different? More beautiful i could say?" I panicked. pacing back in forth. Matt pulled me into him. i calmed down. he smiled at me and look into my eyes that was saying 'its going to be okay.'  "Yes, i am your father. cant u tell bright blue eyes, you got your blonde hair and dimples from your mom.." He smiled then  looked sad "Um, yeah were is she?" he sighed. "Is she okay! What is wrong with her." I pulled forcibly outta Matt's arm and looked him straight into his eyes."Where's my mother." He sighed " Matt you keep her calm tell her." Me breathed deeply. "She's dead." I stared deeply into his eyes anger fear sad worry. Trying to look for something. "no.. no NO NO NO! you lying shes not dead." i punched the wall and banged my head "NO! NO NO!!! not her anything but her!" i slide don't the wall and hide my head.. i started sobbing screaming "Fuck! fuck! NO!! NO! NO!" i cracked out into a sob. " this cant be happening WHY HER FUCKING HER what the fuck did she did NO!" i ran out of the door. tears streaming down my face we were on a camp. i ran out side it was thunder storming. i ran as fast as i could. i ran into the forest. there was a big fence i guess this was the end of the camp i slide down onto a tree and cried  The rain pouring on my my hair was wet and so where my clothes. BANG! thunder rolled out and crumpled like a piece of paper. i mumbled " no.. no not her anything but her." i heard Matt shouting my name. "AVA! AVA!" i just sat there crying. another roll of thunder. i heard foot steps. "Ava, there you are." I kept my head down. he sat next to me. i looked up my eyes red. i was completely soaked.  Matt wiped my tears.

   "Why, her?" i sobbed. He hugged me and said. "I don't know you got in a car crashed and then all this happened." "wh-who was driving?" He sighed "um.. y-you.." Matt said. I froze i tightened and locked my jaw. "This is my fault. i killed my mother! i loved her so much! I'm a killer!" I sobbed. "why is it me that makes all the mistakes i'm the one who always screws everything up." i sighed and rubbed my head in his shirt. he smoothed my hair and sighed. "you not a killer and u don't mess everything up." "Yes! i do Matt i can't do anything. i killed my own mother! " i stared into his green eyes (that are super cute and super bright) Looking for an answer searching for something. I saw nothing. i sighed got up and started walking away. "Wait up Ava." Matt ran up to me. i just stared at the wet dirt and walked slowly. "What are we doing here Matt?"i asked. "I have no idea, your dad also told me that this is were we train? to protect this world. i don't know i think he's messed up in the head." he sighed. i just stayed silent. another roll of thunder. 

"Lets go inside." I sighed and walked silently back to the building. my last tear down my cheek 

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