Stupid Feelings

Have you ever feel sometimes, that no one loves you? Or that you feel alone in this world… maybe that someone loves you but that love will disappear, or that person will leave? Well if you said yes to those questions, you know how I feel now. My name is Rachel James, I’m 17 years old, I go to Richmond high school, I only live with my grandmother, my parents had a car accident when I was 5 years old, my grandparents raised me since then. When I was 12 my grandfather had a heart attack, he didn’t survive. Now I live in Brighouse, England in a tiny house it seems old from the outside but it’s a beauty in the inside.


1. Rachel's Story

Rachel’s POV

I woke up it was snowing once again, like every winter morning, I thought of taking a shower but I realized I will freeze If I took one, so I just put on my stamped leggings my boots and a sweater top.

-Good morning Ray- My poor grandma said

-Morning Grandma- I kissed her head –You almost finish the blanket.. pretty good- I said lifting my thumbs

-Thanks Ray- She gave me a sweet smile, which made me smile too

-Bye Grandma, if you need anything just call me – I took my lunch, as I left the main door

I walked to school, alone as usually, I stood at the entrance and saw that everyone decided to look like me, I randomly sighed and walked in, my thoughts were “Seriously? Every single girl here had the same idea?” Suddenly a voice got me out of my thoughts.

-Hey Ray- A familiar voice spoke

-Oh hey… Tommo- He’s name is actually Louis, but I like Tommo it’s short for his last name ‘Tomlinson’

-What are you doing here so late- He looked at his watch –Exactly 10 minutes before the bell rings –He said smiling

-Well, it’s cold so I decided to stay in bed a few minutes more-

-Just like everyone else?- He looked around

-Yeah pretty much- I closed my locker and walked to the cafeteria with him

-It’s to cold, how about a coffee- He asked

-Hmm, Tommo…-

-I know… how about a hot chocolate?-

-Much better- I smiled

Tommo knew I don’t like coffee it’s just not my type.

-Here you go Ray- He handed me the cup of chocolate

-Thanks Tommo- I took it, and sipped –Mmm delicious- I smiled

-Welcome- He smiled as wide as he could

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