Twists & Turns

Elizabeth Marie Scott is just a girl who lives in London. Everyone on the street thinks she's strange... weird... crazy... a freak... different... because when she's happy, or sad, or angry strange things happen. She has one friend, but she has no idea where he lives. He was just sitting on her front porch on day complaining about his brother. He has a funny name, Albus Severus Potter. He says Elizabeth is special, and he is too. He tells her all about this place that people like them go to school. I think its a nice story, but he keeps telling her it's real. Albus told her that when she turns eleven, a letter will arrive inviting her to the school. She doesn't believe him, but when her birthday came, there was an owl sitting on the front porch with a letter addressed "Elizabeth Marie Scott" complete with her address and even her bedroom in flowing green ink.


1. A New Twist

"Albus! Albus!" Elizabeth Marie Scott calls running dorm the street, a letter fluttering in her hand.


"Lizzy?" a boy says.


"Albus!" Elizabeth shrieks running to the boy.


"Lizzy is everything okay?" Albus asks.


"Al. I got it. I got the letter. It's real."


"I told you it's real! Come on. It's time for you to meet my dad."


The children ran back up the street, the one named Albus dragging Elizabeth my the arm. A grey cat with rectangular markings around the eyes watches them. The car sits oddly stiff in its place by the bushes. When they get to the white house with green shutters, Albus lets go of Elizabeth's wrist.


"There he is!" Albus says pointing down the street. Elizabeth follows Albus' finger down the street and her eyes fall on a man about two houses down.


The man has black hair swooped above his forehead. He has on a blue button up shirt, with a dark blue blazer over it. He is wearing dark blue jeans, and brown dress shoes. Elizabeth can tell as he walks closer than he has circle metal glasses, and a scar on his forehead the shape of a lightning bolt. 


As he gets closer, he notices the cat that has been watching the children. He gives a slight nod in the cats direction. Elizabeth notices this gesture, and then hears a slight 'pop.' She looks back at where the cat had been, and notices it's gone.


"Hello Al. This must be Elizabeth," Mr.Potter says. Albus nods his shaggy head of hair. "Hello Elizabeth. I'm Harry Potter. I'm here to talk about Hogwarts with you and your parents."


"Hello Mr.Potter," Elizabeth says with wide eyes.


The front door of the house suddenly opens, and out run Elizabeth's parents. Both with brown hair, about the same medium height, the father with blue eyes and mother with green.


"Mum! Dad!" Elizabeth says. "This is Mr.Potter."


"Let's explain inside," Mr.Potter suggests seeing all the staring bystanders.


Everyone shuffles inside and gathers in the small living room. The Scott's sit on the couch, and Mr.Potter sit across from them. Albus and Elizabeth take seats across from each other with a coffee table in between.


"Where to begin?" Mr.Potter chuckles. "Well, Mr. and Mrs.Scott, you're daughter is special. If you haven't noticed yet, your daughter has shown special abilities that other children do not have. Have you noticed this?"


"Well, when she is excited about something, things have happened. Along when she is sad or angry," Mrs.Scott says in a curious voice.


"Precisely," Mr.Potter smiled. "Mr. and Mrs.Scott, your daughter is a witch. Let me explain," he added seeing Mr. and Mrs.Scott's offended faces.


Mr.Potter then went on to tell the Scott's about a place called Hogwarts. Hogwarts is a place for kids like Elizabeth and Albus, where they learn to train their powers. Elizabeth caught every word. She thought this sounded like a place in one of her story books.


When Mr.Potter started to talk about school supplies and money, he mentioned wizards have their own currency. Elizabeth knew she didn't have any of their money. She had seen Albus with the coins his father described before. Mr.Potter also informed the Scott's that they can trade their money for his kind.


After Mr.Potter was finished explaining, Elizabeth was ready to run upstairs an grab her bag. He parents however, looks unconvinced.


"How do we know this isn't a scam?" Mr.Scott asked.


"Dad," Elizabeth said with an eye roll. "I've done incredible things without meaning too. Like that time when I was 8 and I accidentally cut my hair, it grew back the next day like nothing happened. I was scared of what would happen at school the next day and it fixes itself."


"But sweetie-" Mrs.Scott began.


"Remember last year? When those girls were making fun of me in the ally? Out of no where it was as if they're tongues were tied. They couldn't insult me any more." Elizabeth said. "And I'm not making that up! Albus was there he saw it!"


"It's true Mr. and Mrs.Scott. It happened," Albus nodded.


"That sounds like the bursts of making that happened to me," Mr.Potter said.


"Hold on, so your a wizard too?" Mr.Scott asked.


"Why yes I am," he nodded. "Let me show you."


Mr.Potter then proceeded to reach into his jacket and pull out a wooden rod. He waved it and out of no where, a flower appeared. He caught it, and handed it to Elizabeth. She held it in amazement.


"Mr.Potter, are there other creatures in your world?" Elizabeth asked.


"Excellent question Elizabeth. There indeed are," Mr.Potter said with a smile.


"Like what?"


"Dad can I call Kreacher?" Albus asked with a smile.


"Yes Al," Mr.Potter said.


Albus smiled at his father. "Kreatcher," Albus called into thin air.


Elizabeth heard a slight 'pop' out of her right ear. She swung her head in that direction, and jumped back. There was a short creature in a white pillowcase with drooping ears standing in front of her.


"Young master Albus has called Kreacher?" he croaked.


"This, Elizabeth, is a house elf," Albus said.


"Pleased to meet you Mrs.Elizabeth. Kreacher has heard much about you," the creature said shaking Elizabeth's hand.


"Are you convinced now Mum?" Elizabeth smiled at her mother. Elizabeth heard another small 'pop' and guessed the elf had left.


"Very much so. Harold?" Mrs.Scott said to her husband.


"Why yes. Yes I am," he said with his eyes on Kreacher.


"Well, Elizabeth. It is time to get your school supplies. Mr. and Mrs.Scott, I will take your daughter out with my own children to get their supplies. Is that all right?" Mr.Potter asked.


The Scott's nodded from their spots in the couch. Elizabeth smiled brightly at them, and turned her attention back to Mr.Potter.


"Excellent. Elizabeth, I will be back in a bit. I need to check something outside," Mr.Potter said standing up.


"Wait!" Elizabeth burst.




"Are there... Well... You know how when Kreacher appeared, there was a slight 'pop'?"




"How does he do that?" Elizabeth asked.


"It is called Apperating. I shall explain more later," Mr.Potter said with a smile.


"Can you do that as well?" Elizabeth asked with a hopefull look in her eye.


"Yes I can," Mr.Potter said, turning on the spot. He vanished from sight with a 'pop'. Elizabeth gasped, and then heard another 'pop' two feet away. "See?" Mr.Potter smirked.


"Does your world have creatures who can Apperate as well?" She asked hopefully.


"I will explain later. Or Albus will explain on the way to get supplies. Now Elizabeth, get what you need, and I shall meet you out stairs in say, five minutes?"


"Perfect," Elizabeth smiled, and then ran out of the room and up the stairs.


Elizabeth grabbed her bag, jacket and her trainers. She slipped one trainer on and hopped out of the room trying to get the other on. Once she had her trainers on, she ran down the stairs putting her jacket on. Once down, she put her bag on her shoulder, and ran into the living room.


"Mum! Dad! Can I have some money?" Elizabeth asked.


Mr.Scott got out his wallet and stared inside. Albus walked in the room and Elizabeth looked at him as though hoping for help.


"Did you know Hogwarts has a fund if you need help with school books?" Albus says coming to Elizabeth's aid, reading her mind.


Elizabeth walked over to the couch where her parents were huddled, and said goodbye. She then followed Albus out of the house.


"Ready dad?" Albus asked his father.


"We'll I take it you're ready then?" Mr.Potter said looking at Elizabeth.


"Yes. Very. ALLONS-Y!" Elizabeth said thrusting her fist in the air. "It's 'Let's go' in French!" Elizabeth said with a smile. "Okay then, never mind."


Mr.Potter just shook his head and chuckled. "We have some Ministry cars to take us to get school supplies."


There was a gleaming emerald green car waiting outside the house. Mr.Potter herded Albus and Elizabeth into the car.


"Hi Mum! James and Lily," Albus said getting into the car.


Elizabeth took a step back when she saw the inside of the car. Mr. and Mrs.Potter, along with a driver, could sit roomily in the front of the car. The passenger seat was the size of a love seat. In the back seat, there were three kids sitting there ,with Albus included, siting comfortably with a seat for Elizabeth. Elizabeth backed out of the car taking in the size of the car.


"Come on Lizzy!" Albus called from inside the car.


Elizabeth crawled in the car cautiously. She took the seat by the window and next to Albus.


"Extension charm?" She asked him breathlessly. Albus just nodded with excitement. "Awesome."


After about 15 minutes in the enchanted car, the car pulls I front of a pub.


"I've been past here before! I've always wanted to try it, but Mum and Dad keep telling me it's abandoned," Elizabeth says.


"That's because they're Muggles. They can't see it because it's enchanted with magic," Mrs.Potter explains.


Everyone piled out of the car and waits for Elizabeth, who snagged her pant leg on the door. She mumbles something under her breath about a favorite pair of jeans and how she was glad these weren't them.

"How long do you suppose?" The driver asks.


"About two hours or so," Mr.Potter says.


"All right. I'll be in the Leaky Cauldron around then. Have some work that needs to be done at the Ministry," the driver replies, then he drives off.


Elizabeth and Albus share a look. "Ministry business?" Elizabeth thinks, raising her eyebrows. She can tell Albus is thinking the same thing.


Mrs.Potter rounds the kids inside. When Elizabeth was in the door, she saw a variety of things. She saw many creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some with boils, some with blisters, some with lost of hair and some with none at all.


"Mum! Can I show Elizabeth Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes while you go to Gringotts?" Albus asked. This all seemed like a foreign language to Elizabeth.


Mrs.Potter gave him a smile and a nod. She handed him a few coins that Elizabeth did not recognize. The group started to walk out of the pub through a different door. When they got their, Mrs.Potter took out what must have been her wand and tapped the bricks. A small whole appeared in the brick wall and it started to expand until there was an archway leading down an ally.


"Elizabeth, welcome to Diagon Ally."

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