Stuck with Him

Malika has to spend the last two weeks of her summer at her boyfriends resort. It turns out she has to also share a cabin with Rowan (her bf) and Scott, Malika is ok with sharing with Rowan but she despises Scott.


1. Arriving at the resort

Malika's pov

August 17, 2013

7:15 am

I was listening to some country music on my iPhone, while texting my boyfriend Rowan

about how our summers have been so far and such, he also mentioned that when we se each other 

again we'll echange birthday gifts. We continue to talk until my mother rudely interrupts me by pulling out my headphones.

"What mom!" I ask aggravated by her actions

''Your father and I need to talk to you about something .'' she sighs.

''Ok, I'll be in in a second.'' I reply, she just nods and goes away.

I texted Rowan saying I'll call him later, then go in the house.

I take a seat across from my mom & dad waiting for one of them to talk .

My dad sighs and begins to speak, '' Malika dear you know how the Chuckrys have a resort in Sasckewan - I nod- well

we are going to be spending the rest of the summer there.'' I let out a silent scream of joy, cause I get to see Rowan again.

''Really when do we leave?'' I ask excitedly 

''We leave in 3 hours, so you better go pack all your things.'' my mother states, I nod and walk to my room. 

Once I get to my room I put my iPhone in the docking station and put on some Carrie Underwood and begin to pack.




Once we had everything packed in the truck we left Winnipeg and headed to Hudsons Bay, omg I am so excited !!!

Once i finally realize that it takes 9 hours to get there i decide to sleep.




''Malika dear, wake up  we're here.'' a soft but firm voice stated, I just moaned and turned away.

'' Well, I guess she doesn't want to see Rowan.'' I shot up once I heard that.

''I'm up, I'm up.'' my parents just laughed at me 

I sigh and get out of the truck and get my bags, waiting for my parents to tell me were to go.

When we get to our cabin mom just tells me to go and explore, i decide to go exploring 

for a little bit. I plugged in my headphones and started to listen to ' Suds in The Bucket' by Sara Evans.

After about 15 minutes of walking around I saw a beautiful green, perfectly mowed field and 

decided to go and sit on it.

As I walked over to the field I noticed there was some boys playing football, I immediately thought of Rowan,,

oh how he loves football.

Once I sat down I drifted off into a daydream.



~Rowan's pov~

Scott and I were playing some football with Luke (Scott's little brother).

I wasn't really into the  game I kept thinking of malika, her smile, her hair, her eyes, just her in general.

I miss her so much.

I was deep in thought until Scott hit me with the football. 

'' What the hell man, what was that for?'' I asked him

''Dude, you were like really deep  in thought and I saw some chick go sit down over there.'' He answered as 

he pointed towards some girl across the field.

''Why don't we go and see who she is?'' Luke asked, Scott and I just nodded.

Once we got closer to the girl I could see her a bit more clearly and she looked a lot like Malika, weird.

''Hi! what's your name? I'm Luke.'' Oh Luke, always trying to make conversation.

I didn't really look at the girl, because you know I have a girlfriend I love dearly

''Hey, I'm Malika. Nice to meet you Luke.'' Malika answered, wait a second Malika?

I looked up and I was socked .

''Malika! I have missed you sooo much.'' I said as i went to hug her.

After about 5 minutes of us hugging Scott coughed rudely to break up the hug.

''Oh right, Malika this is Scott my best friend, Scott this is Malika my wonderful girlfriend.'' I said the last part proudly.



~Malika's pov~


I can not believe I didn't think those boys would be Rowan and Scott.

Scott, I hate him always have always will, END OF.

''Malika how come you didn't tell me you were coming here?'' Rowan questioned me

I sighed and responded with '' I didn't find out until like 7:30 this morning.''

He just nodded, then Luke spoke '' Would you like to hang out with us?''

Before I could reply Rowan butted in '' Hey, back off Luke she's taken.'' He said half seriously

and half jokingly, but Luke still backed off and Scott just rolled his eye at the two younger boys.

''Anyhow before Rowan butted in I was going to say I would love to hang out with you boys.'' I  said happily, Rowan and

Luke cheered and Scott just scoffed. After Scott scoffed Rowan was giving him the evil eye.

''So, what do you guys want to do?'' asked Luke

I coughed then Luke corrected himself.

''I mean guys and lady.'' once he said lady Rowan and I busted out laughing and the other two boys looked at us

like we were crazy.

''what?'' Scott asked confused, Rowan stopped laughing and said

''Malika is no lady, she is one of the guys, she's on the boys team for all the sports at school cause she finds the girls teams

boring as fuck.'' They looked at me to see if it was true and I just nodded.

''Well ok then.'' Luke said 


I got a text from my mom 

momma bear; com bac 2 the cabin

awesomiest daughter; y

momma bear; so u can get ready 4 supper

awesomiest daughter;k c u in abit

*end of convo*

''Sorry guys I have to go, I'll se you later.'' I told them, I gave Rowan a kiss on the check, and hugged Luke.

''Ok see you later Malika.'' Rowan and Luke said together.


~At Cabin~

''I'm here!'' I shouted.

''Ok, I put the things you are going to wear on your bed!'' Mom replied

I skipped towards my bed and saw a blue and white sun dress and pair of dark skinny jeans.

I already had a shower earlier today so I'm good, I thought t my self.

After I was done getting dressed I had my mom side braid my hair just like Katniss from the hunger games.

Once she finished my hair we just had to wait for my dad,.

When dad was done we walked over to the  Chuckry's cabin.







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