1D Imagines

Comment so I can make an imagine for you!!!


1. Sara and Louis Imagine

Hi Louis!!!You say as your boyfriend Louis comes to your house.Hey babe!He says back at you.Your his girlfriend because you have pretty brown hair and eyes and he loves a girl thats funny like you.Soon Louis put on a movie that he knows you hate.But you didnt see what movie he put on.When you saw the title you yelled LOUIS!!!!!YOU KNOW I HATE SCARY MOVIES LIKE SCREAM 4 THAT WE ARE WATCHING  RIGHT NOW!!You try to run to your room but Louis gets the end of your shirt,pulls you back,and says where do you think your going?You have no where to run so you sit down.You cuddle with him you see him smiling.You look at the TV.You get very scared at that part.You scream.Hard and harder until you cant any more.You try again but you cant. Louis turns off the TV and gets a cup of water for you.He asks you what movie you whant.You pick Hop because its March 30,2013.When the movie is done you get closer and closer until you kiss.Its for a long time and you like that.You say good bye to him and fall fast asleep.You dont have any dreams becaues you have the best life ever!!!!<3

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