A Weird Life Indeed

A 13 year old narrator who's name we dont know tells us about his troublesome and weird life. It revolves around a developing story of a fatal bus crash that killed his best friend.

Please feel free to comment ideas for up coming chapters and other stuff :)


4. The Showdown

With the cold blooded weapon to the figures head he asks " what is your name?", the figure replies "dr. Patrick". The doctor then asks John why he is doing this, John opens his mouth and says "because, I am never last" the doctor replies with confusion and asks"you don't want to be last for the meeting with Robert?" And John nodes his head. He then explains that it's too late and paints the wall with the doctors blood.


after John was done with the doctor, he turned towards me. When all of a sudden he gets stabbed my a unicorn! John falls to the floor and stops moving, I look at the unicorn and then I start to pet it, on the side of its neck it says "Breed Prototype 2031". I think it's a good idea to take it for a ride so I jump on it, and I kick its back legs, the unicorn jumps up and does a backflip, he then charges at a wall and makes a 10 meter wide hole in the wall. After I escape with the unicorn, a dragon appears in front of us and blows liquid nitrogen at us, we dodged it successfully. The dragon was white as snow and my unicorn was black as a negro, all of a sudden my unicorn kicks me of its back and it goes on its to back legs standing up, he then grows claws and wings, and the unicorn which I now call Charlie, starts to scratch the dragon.


While the unicorn and the dragon are fighting, they manage to destroy the whole warehouse and they somehow planted potatoes and made the potatoes grow and become giant. Anyways after all this fighting the dragon won, but then I punched the dragon and he fell over, after this exhausting day, I ate unicorn and dragon steak with hamster meatballs. I went to sleep.

Its the morning and as I look up there is a masked figure on top blocking my mouth, he said he wasn't going to rape me.

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