A Weird Life Indeed

A 13 year old narrator who's name we dont know tells us about his troublesome and weird life. It revolves around a developing story of a fatal bus crash that killed his best friend.

Please feel free to comment ideas for up coming chapters and other stuff :)


3. The Betrayal

As an image began to get clearer I could see the thin long face of the one and only Robert. As I extend my hand to touch his silky flawless face, my thumb drags across where the blood was leaking from his head when he got hit by the bus; there was a small puncture not big, but small... He stops my hand and says "who are you and why are you touching my face?" A small chuckle comes from my throat. 


I then explain how he was hit by a bus and then died on scene, but half way through my explication he cuts me off and says "yes I know, the bus driver ran away after hitting me with the bus" a small tear drips from my eye and falls down, as I look down I notice where we are... In a white space, not a white room, a white space. There is no corner, no visible light source and most importantly we are suspended. Robert says that being killed has thought him a lot about how valuable life is, he then gets hit by a canoe and I wake up.


As I open my eyes I see Robert's body on the table and my mom, John and the shadowy figure beside him. I touch my face and feel the tear that I shed in my accounter with Robert. My mom is next to get hooked up and as she starts to go in the adventure to meet Robert, John unplugs the wires connected to her head. My mom is now in a incendiary seizure and starts to spaz out, I look at John as he has a gun the the shadowy figure's head... John then says "why?"

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