Lara thinks of herself as an ordinary teenager but she doesn't know she is perfect the way she is. <3


1. Concert Magic

The lights: green, purple, and blue flashes before our eyes as the screams and cries of girls filled the whole place. You got it, we're at a One Direction concert. Harry (on the far right) and Liam (on the far left) were high-fiving fans, Zayn was spinning around, grinning, as the fans screamed the band's name, and Louis was doing an adorable dance. Then my eyes laid on Niall, oh how perfect he is. I unlocked my iPhone and tapped on the Twitter app and I tweeted, "Woohoo! At a 1D concert!;)<3 It's all so perf *-*" and once I looked up at the concert, it was Niall's Kiss You solo. He made a rad owl jump to the end of the stage and let himself fall into the fans' arms. He laughed. And laughed. And it was just extraordinary. Hold your horses, he was coming my way, I was gonna be able to *touch* him! My hands went under his strong shoulders and I clumsily fell to the floor, making Niall Horan.. fall.. too.. He quickly sat up and locked my eye into his and asked, "Are you fine, love?" I nod and I'm just breathless, He wrapped his leather jacket around me and began walking me in some fancy house. "No, really.. I'm fine," I protest. "Nonsense! You're staying here," He rejected. I sighed, not letting any of them see how excited I actually was. 

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