Imagine ∞

This Is A Niall Imagine, A Imagine Is Like A Short Story. This Is For All You Niall Loverss.


1. Imagine ∞

Niall Imagine :

                It’s been a week ever since you and Niall have kissed, you tried doing something about it but, your scared Niall won’t respond to you. You get a text from Niall,

Hey,___________ I need to talk to

you about what happened last

week, meet you at the park near

my house ?

Your scared but, you manage to get a hold of yourself, so you run into your room and put on some denim waist shorts with gold studs on them, and a loose white T-shirt. You put on your white diamond studded flats, and put your hair into a high cute messy bun. You run towards the door you get your keys, phone, and bag. You go towards your car and get in. You start the car and before you back up and leave to the park, you think of what your doing. You feel your eyes getting watery thinking of how Niall, might want to stay JUST friends and nothing more, you think less of it and drive. You get to the park and see Niall sitting in a nearby bench you head towards him he stands up and hugs you,

“Hey ____________, You look nice without makeup on.”

“Thanks, Niall.”

You guys sit on the bench, your starting to feel your palms getting sweaty so you clutch them.

“Niall, so what did you want to talk about?”

“Yeah, ___________ well what happened that day we….uhh….kissed, well I just want you to know that I completely won’t forget, you’ve been the girl of my dreams but, I don’t know how you feel about me..”

You blush madly, you feel your face getting red like a tomato.

“Niall, I feel the same way about you, I was scared you were going to reject me.”

“I would never do that ever since we became friends I’ve known you were the one for me, that’s why I need to ask you this.”

Niall grabs your hand gently and picks it up slowly up to his chin.

“___________, will you be mine?”

Niall then kisses your hand. You blush.


Then, you lean over to Niall and Niall leans towards you, and you both shared a nice tender kiss.



By: Samantha

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