Once In A Life Time

Carter Bolton was a normal teenager. She isn't the most popular, but isn't the biggest loser (haha see what I did there? No? Okay.) either. She has her group of friends. She works at TOMS Shoe store. What happens when she meets her celebrity crush? What happens when she finally gets her dream job? Will it all be worth it???? You'll have to read to find out!!! *evil laugh* muahahahahahaha (Sorry for my weirdness)


1. Regular Boring Day. Or Is It?

Hi. I'm Carter Bolton. I'm 18 and a senior in High School. I am 5'6, I have long light brown curly hair. Oh, I also like One Direction. Not like a crazed fan or anything, just there music. My favourite member is Zayn. He is just, UGH! Perfect! Anyway, enough about me, ON WITH THE STORY BITCHES!!!!!!!! Sorry for my weirdness. (A/N: I say that a lot. Sorry :/)


I was sleeping, peacfully I might add, when my fricken alarm clock went off. "FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!" I hate mornings, if you couldnt tell. I did my normal routine. I didn't have school since it was Saturday, but I had work. UGH!!!!!! I work at TOMS shoe store. I like it there, but it doesnt pay a lot. I know what your thinking. 'WHAT!? But TOMS are so expensive!' I KNOW! But it doesnt pay a lot. I need the money. Oh I should tell you this, I live in my own little flat in London. Yeah. So anyway. TO WORK!!!!! 3 HOURS LATER: So it's been three fucking hours!!!! Just one more to go then I leave! YUSSS! I was reading a magazine at the register when someone interupted me. "Excuse me, but could you help me?" the man said. "Uh sure." I say putting on a fake smile. He was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. Huh? He looked really familiar, but i couldnt put my finger on it. "What would you like today um.." I went on kinda asking for his name. Its what I do with all my costumers. "Oh, um Zayn." "Ok Zayn. What did you have in mind." "Well these aren't for me they are for one of my best mates. Um He likes red and stripes. Do you have any red stripped ones?" he asked. "Um. Yes we do. What size is he?" I ask. "Oh um I think a 10." he said. "Oh Your in luck. We have one pair left and they are a 10." "Yay!" he said. I laughed a little bit. We walked back to the register and i rung him up. "Ok. That will be $67.12" I said. "Ok Here you go. He handed my $68. I starte to get his change when he told me to keep it. "Are you sure?" I asked "Absolutly positive." "Well thank you Zayn." I started to walk away to get some water when he stopped me. "Wait um" "Carter." i said. "Carter! Let me introduce myself. Hi Im Zayn Malik. I was wondering if you wanted to go out some time?" he asked. I KNEW I KNEW HIM!!!!! "I would love to go out sometime." I said. I handed him my number and he left. What a day!!!!!!

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