That should would and is going to be me

Louis Tomlinson is in love with his best friend, Rebeka, but she has a boyfriend Josh. Josh is a drummer for Louis band, One Direction... Louis is determined to make Rebeka his.. Will he ever give up?


1. Best Friends and That's It

"Make me food" Rebeka commanded. " Make your own" I said. " pwease Louis pretty pwease" she begged on her knees with a puppy dog face. " hahahahahahaha no" I said sarcasm dripping in my voice. " your so sassy" she said with her arms crossed over her chest like a child. " your just jealous cuz you cant be mad at me like I can be mad at you" I said poking her nose. "Louis I'm so hungry... " she said pouting. " so what's  in it for me if I make you food" I said smiling down at her. "I'll love you forever" she said. I only wish she loved me like I love her.. She loved me like a brother and best friend... Nothing more. We would always be best friends nothing more and nothing less. My heart started to ache at the thought. "Louis I will always love you forever" she said reassuringly ,but playful. " yeah I know" I mumbled. " what's wrong Louis" Rebeka asked with concern in her voice. " nothing , lets go make some food" I said getting up and walking to the kitchen. She followed behind me. I wanted to grab her hand and be her guide.. What I mostly wanted was to be more than her friend. " what do you want to eat " I asked looking in the fridge so I wouldn't have to see her beautiful face. How could she not be mine.. I deserved her more than anyone else and here she was but was already taken. I can only wish I was hers. "Um whatever you want to make" she said. I looked up over the fridge, "so pretty much eggs, bacon, waffles, and orange juice" I asked with a eyebrow raised. " you know me so well.." She said letting her sentence trail off into mid air, looking down.

                       REBEKA'S P.O.V
While Louis made breakfast I got lost in my own thoughts. What had I said that upset him? That I would always love him? No that couldn't be it he always loved me too. Was it because I told him to make me food? Nah he always made me food. What had I said?! Damn I'm such a idiot. Josh would be coming over I assume.. At least he will ease my mind. Maybe he will know why Louis is mad.. He always has a explanation. Maybe I missing the picture... Or maybe Louis hates me. I'm definitely not sure. Louis was never mad at me. A voice broke me from my thoughts. " what's so interesting about the floor" Louis said in a teasing voice. " oh, nothing just lost in thought" I said looking up smiling. I was definitely missing a picture but I wasn't sure what. " what were you thinking about" Louis asked. " wondering when josh was coming over or if he was" I said and saw the teasing and smile fall off Louis face. " oh" was his only answer like he was hoping for something more. " do you know if he is coming" I asked. " yeah he should be here with the boys in like a hour or so" he said placing food on the table with me following behind him. I felt relieved when he said josh was coming. " eat and enjoy I'm going to watch tv or something " Louis said scratching his neck and stalking off. I swear I didn't know him anymore it's he's been like this sense I started dating Josh. Was he jealous? I doubt it he probably doesn't like me anymore than a friend. What could I have done?! I can't wait til josh gets here.. He will kiss me and tell me everything is alright and he will figure it out ... Like he always does.
I ate all the food Louis made and sat around til Josh came. I made very little talk to  Louis the rest of the time. It's like this invisible line and if we crossed it would be awkward. Nothing is ever going to be the same and it's all because of me. 
                        JOSH'S P.O.V 
I knock on the door to Louis flat with the boys behind me. Rebeka opens the door and throws herself into my arms like she was relieved or something. I carry her into the house. " HEY GGIIRRRLLL" Niall said. " hhheeyyy" she said back. "Where's Louis we have rehearsal for the new song" Louis asked Rebeka. " um upstairs in his room or something" she said unsure. I waited til the boys left to start asking questions. "What's wrong babe" I asked her. " I think I upset Louis" she said with a sad look appearing on her face. "It's ok I'm sure he will he over it.. You guys are best friends he will come around" I said pulling her into a hug. 
                       REBEKA'S P.O.V
Josh always made me feel better and I'm glad he was comforting me. "JOSH GET IN THE REHEARSAL ROOM!" Someone yelled which I knew it was Louis.  "I got to go talk to you later" josh said releasing me from the hug. Soon enough I was left all alone. I felt alone too. I was always missing something. But what I missed most was Louis. I was always around him, but I constantly miss him. Gosh this didn't feel right at all! There was something wrong and out of place. Let me rephrase that I was wrong and out of place.

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