Inner Growth

I believe that the most beautiful thing is feeling. Beauty is wanting and craving, thirsting for more. To feel, to have emotion, meaning and motivation. Beauty is when you are set free.
But that beauty is hidden inside us, relentlessly striving for a way to escape.

My inspiration for this is rooted with Teeinthepark , thefourthmusketeer and their incredible idea, Elysium Fields. All of whom possess both kinds of beauty. I'm honored to be the godmother (fangirl) of this story and I will do my best to nourish and protect it.


1. Inner Growth



Inner Growth


Within our bodies

Flowers are blossoming
Petals float along
Our blood.
Stems spiral from our toes
Intricately weaving between
Our organs.
Across our palms
Roots surface.
The flowers
Sweet and Luminous
Try to radiate through
Our pale exteriors.
But only in our eyes
Is their vibrance visible.
Intelligence grows colour
Kindness makes perfume
Love provides nourishment.
But all this floral beauty
Is trapped inside unpleasant debris
Of skin and bones.


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