Aleigha's dad is in the military and her mom dies when she was 7. she lives with her grandparents but her grandpa doesn't like her and hurts her. Aleigha and her best friend Skyla love playing music. When one direction hear them on youtube her life may change.
Please read! :)


1. Prologue

Dear Aleigha.

I miss you so much. I miss seeing your beautiful face every morning before you go to school. I miss our movie nights. i miss your hugs, your laugh, i miss you.  Last of all i miss talking to you about everything. So write it all down. .Scribble it in a notebook. type it out,email it to me. send me more letters..... i don't care, i just want to be able to talk to you about anything and everything again. I'll write as much as i can. I wish i could tell you where i was but the military won't allow it. I can't wait till i can see you again, i don't know when that will be but i hope that it's soon. I want you to do something great with your life. That's my dream, and i want you to go live yours; whatever it takes.make me proud pumpkin. Make me proud. i love you.

             much love, Daddy. <3


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