Luciania is the most magical place on earth.
Sadly Lucy is the only one who can travel there.
Will she ever wake up and realise she is living a dream?


1. The beginning

I know it's not strange to imagine things, when your little. Is there some sort of age line that you cross meaning you have to be boy obsessed and less in to fluffy bunnies and imaginary worlds. If there is I guess I've crossed it and ignored it. I still have a whole universe I can retreat to. My world, peace and happiness reigns. There are little fluffy bunny cross chick things hopping around everywhere. Luciania. 
                Man have not yet come to Luciania and I'm glad about that. Don't think I'm alone though because I'm not. I not alone at all, I'm surrounded by girls and boys my own age. They never argue, show off or tease. They are my friends, my best friends. 
                As I get older it gets harder to retreat to Luciania, there is always something or another I should be doing that gets in the way. The people living in Luciania hate earth and rarely travel here. When they do they are frightened by the cars and other modern technology so I end up rushing everywhere to try and get them back. After the accident they almost never come back. 
               The accident as I shall call it happened around a year ago. One of the youngest citizens ran out into the road when a car was coming and I naturally dived out to protect her. Sadly that meant the car hit me. I was in hospital for several weeks and still have a whopper scar on my arm. When the driver went to court he said he saw no young child running into the road that is why he never stopped. Several onlookers agreed. That's the thing you see, only I can see the lucianians so everyone else thinks I'm just making it up. Their wrong of course. 


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