My hogwarts

Saphy green's life is turned around when a parchment letter appears in her fire place.


1. 1

There was the letter burning in my fireplace,mum wasnt in so i took it out. Saphy green

london england. It said in red ink my hands trembled as i opend up the letter 

Dear miss Saphy Green, 

We have reason to offer you a place at Hogwarts school of witch craft&wizardry. Please go to platform nine and three quarters at King's Cross station on the 10th of September,we look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely Professor Mcgonagall

Deputy Head.

P.S Saphy, i remember your mother well Imogen Green, I hear she works as an Journalist for the Quibbler. Tell her i'm so pleased for her.


I looked up from the letter to the picture of my mother on the fireplace,i stared into her Emerald Green eyes this isn't the Imogen Green i know, she works as a Lawyer! Anyway whats the Quibbler,and a magic school? They must be mad. I read the letter over and over and over until mum's keys turned in the lock. "Hi darling how was school? I've had must dreadful-" I walked over to mum and put the letter under her noes. Her eyes widened as she stared at the letter she snatched it from me and tore it in to two peaces.

"But-" i said. Mum pressed her fingers to my lips,"no buts",she said and strutted into the kitchen. 


We didn't speak again until tea, i cut my tough steak with my knife. "Mum....that letter it said you used to go to that"

"I don't want to talk about it and i don't know what your talking about" 

"Mum you can't just leave it forever you need to tell me!"  Mum slammed her polished nails on the table, "I SAID I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!" Suddenly the china on the table began to rise, i stared up gawping. Then the china fell back onto the table and smashed. I kicked my chair away, "FINE!"  i shrieked  and i ran out into the evening down poor. I ran and ran not really looking were i was going,until i found out i was really lost. I spotted a pretty,kind looking woman across the street,her hair fiery red. I crossed over. "Um excuse me" i said. "Do you know where i am?" "Please i'm lost!" i carried on. The woman turned around to look at me her skin silvery as it was so drenched . "Where do you live,love?" She said kindly. I quickly spun a tale. "Um i don't have a home,erm i was thrown out by my parents" i said really hoping that she would believe me. She did. "Oh that's dreadful!  she said "You must come with me you most simply must!" She grabbed me by the hand and we walked down the street until we got to a small house covered in odd looking plants. "Derigables,derigable plums" the lady said. We walked into a brightly lit front room full of broom sticks the lady noticed my curiosity. "Oh erm very useful....broomsticks" said the lady. Suddenly i noticed another person in the room, a girl about my age. Her hair bright red to like the lady's her cheeks rosy. "This is my daughter Lilly....oh how rude of me! I'm Ginny,Ginny Potter." " Lilly say hello to.... "oh Saphy! i said. "Hello!" said the girl smiling. I noticed the letter on the table it looked the same as mine and read nearly the same words. "That letter......." i began. 

"Oh!" Ginny said and snatched it off the table "No its ok, i have one to!"   "Really?!" said Ginny surprised. "Yes my mum's name is Imogen Green" Ginny dropped her cup of tea onto the floor "Imogen?!" NO!. i Nodded my head. "What a nice suprise, i went to school with Imogen,we will take you to Hogwarts i insist!" Said Ginny  



Platform nine and three quatters.


Lilly grabbed my hand quickly,"Oh no we are going to miss it!" shrieked Lilly. "I don't hear any trains!"i said panting. "Bye you two!" said Ginny stood next to her husband Harry. Lilly ran head first into a wall. I screamed. But she wasn't there. What was i supposed to do? I shut my eyes tightly and ran into the wall a gust of wind ran through me, i opend my eyes to faced a giant train. Lilly beckoned me on. 


At Hogwarts 

Me and Lilly stood at the huge door into the great hall name after name was called until mine was read out Proffesor Mcgonanagal read out my name i stood up at the front hopeing to be in Gryfindor like Lilly. The sorting hat was placed on my head, "Gryfindor!" 

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