Love Potion

Severus Snape had thought for sure his love life was long over when Lily Potter had married James, and was quite sure of it after she died. But love is in the air at Hogwarts, and a very unlikely love is starting to bloom...


1. Prologue

Severus Snape pushed the door to the dungeons open, hoping the class would't notice his entry. Of course, Nosy Potter did. "Hey Snivilus, are you... crying?" The class burst out in maniac laughs- all except the girl, small and petite, with green eyes and long, auburn hair. She just looked at him sadly, knowing from the look on his face he was crying.

It was years later he remembered this, driving him to go to the place, meet the person he had promised her he'd never visit again.

"My servant returns to me," a voice from the darkness chided. "You want him dead? The baby, too?"

Slowly Severus took a deep breath, and nodded. "But not the girl. Leave the girl, please, my Lord."

"Very well, but as her guardian, you know you can't protect her if she refuses to let the boy go," the voice replied.

"She will give him up to you," he said, with more hope than confidence in his voice. "Tell her even if her husband dies I will be there for her, I can be with her then."

"Very well, Severus. Just remember- you made this choice."

And Severus hoped, with all his heart, he had made the right one...


"There's no way I'm doing that! Are you bloody mad?"

"No! Severus, you must listen. The only way is for you to kill me. You might die in the process... but it can save thousands. Please!"

Severus didn't want to die. 

"There's no way, Albus. I am not going to take your life, and risk my own, to save that Potter boy."

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