The Fallen Being Chronicle(s)- The Forgotten Past

Cale awakens from a long, arduous slumber with no recollection of who he is or how he ended up in the middle of a forest crippled with injuries. Cale discovers that he can perform powerful magic, which is a forbidden act on Tuereras, punishable by death. However, the only way to rediscover his identity is to run to the people who would kill him if they found out who he really was. He soon embarks on a journey to discover his past, upon which he comes into contact with dark magicians, ashamed royalty and even Death himself. When he finds out that his existance is set to start a huge war, he is given the choice: save the ones he loves or save the rest of the world.
Cale must pick a side.The clock is ticking...
I haven't ever written a movella before and I would appreciate it if people could read this and comment and to any of those who do read it, I'm sorry that it's a bit boring, but I hope it will improve as I get further into the plot


1. The Start of All

The Start of All


            “Grandpa! Grandpa!” a boy cried in excitement at the sight of the old man. This was the greeting which the man had now become accustomed to, as all over the neighbourhood children came to listen excitedly to the stories he had to tell. This had been the case for many years and he loved it, as it made him happy to see the expectant faces of the children, wanting to hear what he had to say. They were also the perfect audience, gasping in the right places and asking the most intelligent and amusing questions. The old man had been around for as long as most alive could remember, telling stories when the parents had, too, be young. His advice had gained him the title of ‘The Wise one’ and this was the name he was most well-known for.

            “Yes, child?” he asked tenderly, bending down so that they were the same height.

            “Could you tell us a story, please?” Another child asked, following after the other boy, a crowd of at least a dozen children following in the girl’s wake, their eyes shining with anticipation and innocence. The wise one smiled at them.

            “Of course I can. What story would you like me to tell?” he asked kindly. The boy at the front turned around to face the crowd behind him, as if asking their opinion.

            As one they cried, “The one about how the Great One created the world!”

            “Oh, that one?” the old man smiled and sat down in a nearby chair. “That’s a very good choice.” With that comment, the children seemed very smug with themselves and they sat down upon the floor facing the old man.

            “Well, it all began with an almighty being, one who possessed powers far beyond the ability and understanding of any person. We all call him the Great One, as he was great. One day he decided to create something amazing, something beautiful and something perfect, which he could call his own. He wanted to make a home for lots of other living things so he decided to make a world.

            He started to make a blue sphere which was the sea, then he made green patches upon it, which he called land. He then made the sky above you and he made all kinds of birds with wings to fly in it. He then made sea creatures like fish and whales and gave them fins to swim with and gills to breathe underwater with. He also made animals to live on the land like wolves and elephants and monkeys. He made day and night, so that all the animals could hunt for food during the day time, and sleep during the night. He made plants on the land and in the sea, which the creatures could eat from and live in to keep them warm at night time, plants like roses which smell and look nice and all different kinds of trees which stretch high into the sky. Then after all of this making, the almighty one decided to make the best creatures of all… you.” The old man said, pointing at a child in the front row.

            “Me?” the little boy asked, pointing at himself with wide eyes.

            “Yes, you. And you and you and you and you.” The old man laughed pointing at different children gathered around him.

            “What about me?” came the voice from a child at the rear of the crowd.

            “Yes, even you. He created everybody here, everybody everywhere. He made everything and everyone!” he said, stretching his arms out wide, as if to encompass the entire world.

            “Everyone and everything?” a child asked in shock, his mouth wide.

            The old man chuckled. “Oh yes. He called us humans and he loved us and still loves us today, because he is still alive now because he can’t die. After he created us he called his world Tuereras because it was his treasure.”

            “My mummy says that the Great One doesn’t love us if we’re bad.”

            “Yes, well… I suppose you could say that. The Great One also created a home in the sky which he called Heaven, where all the good humans go when they pass from this world, where they could live forever with him. The Great One gave all the creatures he had made, the power of choice, so they knew what was good and what was bad, the he let the creatures live their lives. In his kingdom in heaven, he created a powerful and holy army, who performed his deeds on Tuereras, while the Great One tried to guide his children from his throne in Heaven. This army he called ‘the angels’ and he also gave the angels the power of choice. None of the angels abused their powers. None… except one. He is known as Abaddon, though many know of him as Death.” Some children gasped in fear at the name. The man continued to build the tension.

            “Abbadon turned against his master, took many of the angels with him and turned them to demons. These were evil, scary beings, which followed Abaddon’s plans for destruction on Tuereras. To many, Abaddon is known as ‘the Fallen being’ because he fell from his home in the sky with the Great One and disobeyed his plans, because he believed that he knew better and could take over power of Tuereras. It was foretold that Abaddon would cause great destruction on Tuereras, although the Great One would rescue all those who were worthy and destroy Abaddon in a battle. It is said that the Great One foresaw this at the start of all, but he wanted to give everybody the power of choice. This is known as Tuereras’ end.”



And here is where the story begins…

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