Innocent Prisoner

Jamie Bothwick is a fifteen year old boy accused of killing his ex girlfriend. Even his family don't believe he is innocent.


1. Introduction

Tuesday 27th July

 I felt the cold shivers down my back. Standing, waiting for a decision that would affect the rest of my life. It was a horrible feeling standing in a court room. Two words could take me to down the high road, but one word could equally take me down the opposite road. A path of horror and a hopeless future.

 "Guilty" Announced the judge. This word hit me like a bullet through the chest.

 "Jamie Bothwick charged with murdering Emilie Sanford on the first degree, sentenced to fifteen years." Said the judge who was now looking directly towards me. Fifteen years I'll be 30 before I get out of prison. Fifteen years in prison for something I never done I thought. I felt the hand cuffs tighten on my wrist I couldn't help but think how many people had been in these hand cuffs, that were charged with the same thing. Had they all been rightly accused, or were some of them innocent like I am. The rest of my memories of that day were a blur. It took me a long time to get over what happened. I still now a month later have not got fully over it, and the thing that makes it harder to deal with is to think that the real murder of my love is still out there living a free life. While I'm here for the next fifteen years of my life. Even though I was angry that Emilie had dumped me I would have never went as far as to kill her. I loved her too much to do that.

Wednesday 28th July

The day after I was charged my mother came to visit me. If there was one person in the world to believe that I was innocent it was her. I knew from the moment I came in that her thoughts on that had changed.

"Thanks for coming mum" I said trying my hardest to sound cheerful so she wasn't worried about me.

"Jamie I'm your mother you have already been sentenced you don't have to pretend anymore it wasn't you. Please tell me the truth Jaim" My mum said sounding serious.

 "Mum do you think I'd lie to you. I never committed the crime please believe me. I love Emilie I would never want her to be lying on a cold floor swimming in blood." I said.

 "Jamie enough with your games, man up and face the facts of what you did. If you hadn't made such a fuss then maybe you would have a shorter sentence. I'm ashamed of myself and my own son. How do you think I feel now that everyone knows I produced a murderer. You are no son of mine. Goodbye Jamie." Said my mum then she walked out the door not even taking one glance behind her. It's hard to accept that even your own mother thinks your some foul beast. I haven't seen my mum for a month now. The only people I have to talk to are Jailers. Although I try to stay out their road because not many of them look friendly enough to chat. I now need to try and hold my emotions because one sign of weakness and that's you bullied until the day you get out. And even when you do get out you could still be hunted down. I learnt that last week when little Billie down a couple of cells from me was heard crying and when he got out to go and get a shower two big jailers were standing there waiting to beat him up. It ended up that the guards got there on time to stop the fight in the early days but now he is too scared to look out his cell in case  the bullies are waiting for him.

Thursday 29th July

Life feels pointless when your here stuck in the same four walls for the next couple of decades. The walls are painted white and all I have in my cell is a bed, table, chair and a couple of places to put my small amount of belongings and clothes. The cell feels more like home since I put up some pictures at first it was a struggle to think what to put up seeing that now I have no family or friends. I decided to take an interest in animals so I put some pictures up and I have also applied to have a cat. The food is basic and portions are average. I get three portions per day. The food tastes the same as the food you get in the hospital. I have no choice in what food is served. It's as simple as is you don't eat it you will get nothing else.

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