Insanity Or Reality?

This is about a boy who has schizophrenia and he is growing up. But his ability to see something else may be a gift...


1. First Entry

Property of Eric

3th October 1999     3:00 pm

I thought I should start writing a diary or more precisely a journal as I am going to be 13 years old. I guess writing and recording events in my life will help me keep sane in these upcoming years of trouble and mayhem although I do sometimes wonder why they are known to be reckless. Couldn’t one just avoid trouble and pass smoothly through these? You and I will know the answer to that via this ink that leaves a strong impression on this smooth yet yellow page…

Enough of the suspense I would think you are reading this in the future when I would have completed these years and maybe you would have heard of me, a bold mathematician solving the mysteries of the universe! Yeah, probably not. As you can infer I do like Maths however there I one thing that I love more, writing. That’s one of the reasons I started this journal in the first place. My family is famous for their writing skills so each one of us keeps a journal.

Anyway I’m going to make this entry short and simple; who know what will await me tomorrow as I turn 13?

Property of Sarah

4th October 1999     12:00 am

I struggle vigorously to go to sleep. I heard my son shouting out strange names and sound that I couldn’t think were possible of a human to make. I think he is just having a hard time accepting that he is growing up. I hope he is alright I should probably check on him just to make sure…

1:00 am

I have been trying to calm him down and he is now asleep. He does have schizophrenia so I must monitor his actions just to make sure he is safe.

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