blurb:Candy is just a little orphan girl who is 8 years old. One day she runs away and goes in victorian london. Will she be safe?


1. What

Hi my name is candy. My mum died when I was born. I have an older sister who is really ill. I am 8 and was born in 1870. I live in a orphanage with all boys. I am made to do everything.

I seperated from my sister when I was born. She was sent  far away in london. I haven't seen her since the day I was born.

My care home is called elm house. We have a really mean  carer. He is fine with all the boys but he is always yelling at me. I have to do the cooking and washing up. Every night I look at the cuts and scares he has caused me and cry into my pillow. Sometimes I just wish my mum never died.


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