The butterfly effect

In 2013 best friends Helena and Xanthe are trying to get a place at a brilliant University and enjoy their last year living at home. In 2025 primary school teacher Chris Stirling is worried about his Wife; ane of her colleagues was recently stranged and to death and he thinks it might bring back the horrible memories of the murder of his Wife's best friend.


1. Prologue

In the hall the prom was everything that could have been hoped for; the students were celebrating their success by dancing, chatting, hugging, laughing, texting, kissing, teasing. They were enjoying one of the happiest nights of their lives and they thought they would always remember every detail: the music, the food, the decorations, the way their date smiled at them, how happy they felt. They were right in one respect. Hundreds of people never forgot what happened that night; however the image people remembered was not of lots of students enjoying themselves because the picture that haunted everyone who saw it was of a single teenage girl. At 7:30 people noticed way she had arranged her hair, the dress she was wearing and her silver necklace. At 9:00 everyone was transfixed by the way her body was arranged on the floor, the red stain slowly soaking through her dress and the silver knife embedded in her back.

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