The new kid

Liv was 17 and she was the new kid around. She was afraid of going to school because what would people here think of her. But when she sees the quiet, mysterious boy that nobody even knows his name she gets curious. Read it to find out what happens


1. The new kid

" sweetie its time to get up for your first day of your new school" my mom called.  I really didn't want to go to school but i got ready anyways. I put on some skinny jeans a lacy shirt and some converse. I finally went downstairs to eat breakfast after like an hour. " morning liv " " morning mum " so are u excited " " haha ya no " " why not?" " because i dont know what people will think of me " " dont worry about that they r going to find u a sweet nice girl " ya sure mum thats what you think " well  i have to go to school now love u" and i kissed my mum on the cheek grabbed my bag and keys and headed towards the door.


I finally got to school after almost getting lost. I had to go to the office to get my schedule for school. " uh hi i'm here to get my schedule i'm the new kid " i said. " oh so your miss. Olivia " she said. I hated being called olivia. " liv " i corrected her. " oh ok liv, well i'm gonna have kasey show you around school cause she has most of the same classes as you" she said. " ok." After a while of waiting kasey showed up. " hi i'm kasey and u must be olivia"  " um its liv" i corrected her too.  " oh ok sorry " " its ok i just hate being called olivia"  " well we should b getting to class now. So first u have Mr.Craig he is ur english teacher, then u have Mrs.Souza the science teacher, then Mrs.Alder the chorus teacher, after that Mr.Arnold the drama teacher then u have lunch." She said god, i hated school. 


After a few hours of complete work and correcting people when they called me olivia, i finally got to lunch. " do u want to sit with me?" Kasey asked. " sure."  I started looking around the cafeteria. Thats when i saw him, a boy dressed in dark close, with his brown curly hair over his eyes, sitting by himself not even eating anything, but i could see that he was staring at me. "who's that?" I asked kasey looking at the boy. " oh him nobody knows he never talks, never listens to u when u talk to him none of that." Thats when many of questions ran through my mind.    Whats his name? Why doesn't he talk?  Why is he staring at me?  Why does he dress like that? Is he like gothic or something like that?         

I wondered if any of these question would ever get answered? 


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