I Never Knew I Loved You

Jess Was Niall's Best Friend Before He Left For x factor. Now He's Back. Will He Want more from Jess? will he even remember Her?


1. Memories


I started This FanFic On My Old Account, And I Quit that Account, I Felt bad For leaving the Account, So I decided to continue the Fan Fic. Here it is!!

xx Jade


Jess's P.O.V:

Dear Niall, I Can't Wait For You to return to Ireland! i miss you so Much! And i Need To Talk To You.
Cant Wait!

Love, Jess.

Im Jess. Niall Is My Best Friend. That is until He went away for x Factor. I Miss Him Alot.
I Just Don't Know If He Remembers Me. We Tried to Make Things Work, But They Didn't. 
Me And Ni Skyped Whenever We Could. But He Got Busier an Busier. Eventually, He Stopped Texting Me. He Stopped Calling Me. He Stopped Skyping Me. I was Completely Cut off From my Best Friend. That's Why, I Hoped This Worked, Niall's Coming back To Ireland In Less Than a Week, If it going according to plan, Ill Get My best Friend Back. i just hope it Works. I Really Do.
I Stuck A Photo Of Me And Niall To The Back Of The Letter. This Photo Was My Favorite...
Me and Niall Were Sitting On The Porch Of His House, He Was Putting Flowers In My Hair As I Sat there Blushing Like Crazy. " Oh Niall." I Mumbled. " I Love you So much." i Scribbled a Line Indicating For him To Flip Over The letter. " i heurt yewsz jesz." It Said. It Was From Niall. I Stuck The Items In a Envolope And Slipped The signed Envolope Into The Mail Box. "Damn Niall."

Niall's P.O.V:

Liam Handed Me Another Piece of Fan mail. I Read The Envolope. "IRELAND! THE GIRL'S FROM IRELAND!" I Almost Shouted. I Excitedly Opened the envolope. " Slow Down Niall. It's Not Like You Got A letter From Taylor Swift," Harry said. " BUT I DID!" He grinned And Went back to reading. I Continued reading My Letter. This girl claimed She knew Me. She Even Had Photo Proof. " Hey Guys, " I Said, And Began to read the letter. I Even told them about the Photo. and Soon i had Possible answers. "Maybe Its a Crazy Fan." Zayn Said. "Maybe You DID know her." Liam Said. " maybe She Likes Carrots!" Louis Said. "Maybe The Picture Was Photoshopped." Harry Said. "Maybe She's Right." I Said. " Don't Be rediculous." Harry Said. "don't you think you would remember?" Harry Continued. " I Guess Your Right." i Lied. I Still Believed This Girl Was Right. So, I Kept The Photo. But I Hid Them. i Didn't Want The Lad's To Tease Me. They Would.

Jess's P.O.V:

My Parents Were Away In America. A VERY LONG Way From Ireland. That meant I had The Whole House To Myself For 5 Months. Just For A Vacation For My Fathers Work. I have Never Been a Bad Girl. The Only person Who Taught Me How to Live Was Niall. He Also Taught Me Love. But He Didnt Know I Liked Him. I circled the date on my Calender. January 7th. The Day Niall Comes Home. My Best Friend Comes Home. My Life Comes Home. My World Will Change.
I Just Want things to be the same. Just me And Niall. Upstairs in My Room playing xbox. Our Old games And Making Fun Of The Loser. I Want That Niall back. Not The Changed Niall. But I Was Worrried. What if Niall Changed? Hopefully He Didn't. I Remember Hearing "What Makes You Beaitiful" One the Radio. Niall Didn't Have Any Solo's. i Waited About To Years For THAT? Niall Had An Amazing Voice. He Used To Sing To Me When We Were Little. Ah. The Old Niall. The Funny, Sweet, Amazing Niall. I Wondered What The New Niall Was Like? Was I Just Over Reacting. i hoped Not. I Hoped Niall Remembered me. But There was A part i Was Worried about. Niall's Ex Gf, Claire. They Broke up So Niall Could Go For x Factor. We used To Friends. Me And Her used To tell Each other Secrets About Niall. I used To Tell Her About How Cute He Was. I Used To tell Her What An Amazing Voice Niall Had. She Thought Niall Couldn't Sing. I Just laughed And pretended That i Agreed. Then, She became My Enemy. She started Dating Niall. I Caught Them making Out Once. At The park. Under Me And Niall's Special Spot. Under OUR Maple Tree. i hated Niall. I Caught Claire Almost telling Niall That I Liked Him. But She Saw Me. And She Knew i Would tell Him That She Hated his Voice, And That She Was Only into him for his looks. so she never told. She Called Me A Slut. And A Pig. And The worst Part Was That Niall Agreed With her. "yeah, Totally babe." i Remember Him Saying. I Knew He Was just Star Struck. I Just Called Him later And Told Him that Claire Was Bullying Me. He Told me to Deal With it. And That he loved her. I Stopped Talking To Him For About, A Month. And Then He Came over And Appologized. I Told Him That He Should Stop talking To me. and Then, About A Week Later, he Left For xfactor. We Skyped, but I Refused To Accept his appology. I Wanted Him to prove he Cared. I Miss Niall. Just 4 Days Until I See The Love of My Life Again...♥

Niall's P.O.V:

I Had Nightmares About her. Yeah, Her. That jess Girl. I Wondered What She Could Possibly Mean to Me. Was She An Old Friend? Or Was She A girlfriend? The Only Person I Remembered Was My Beautiful Girlfriend, Claire. She Was Amazing.I Had To leave Her For xfactor. I Just Can't Lie, It Was The best Time Of my Life. Claire Often asked Me For Sex. I Refused. I kept Having To Come Up With Excuses. but The Real Reason Was that I Was Waiting For the Right Girl. Not her. The Girl i marry. The Perfect Girl. Not That Claire Wasn't amazing, She Was. I Even Wrote A Song About Her. And Then Later Produced it to the Guys, " You don't know you're Beautiful." I Remembered it perfectly. It Was Just Confusing On If She Was Perfect For me or not. Jesus, Who was this Jess Girl. She Wasn't Some Family Member. Im Positive. Are We friends, or are we more? Maybe Zayn Was Right. maybe She Was Just Another Fake Crazy Fan. I Couldn't Get Her Adress Out Of My head. it Was Right Down the Street From Mine. I Regret Memorizing It. I picked up the Letter and thew it into the Garbage.I had to finish Packing for Ireland.

Harry's P.O.V:

Somethings Up With Niall. He Hasn't Been Himself Lately. "Niall Bro? Whats Up? You Arnt Yourself Lately." I asked Him. "Its Just That Girl." I Really think that i Know her. Just Please Dont Tell The Guys, They'd tease Me Forever." "Sure Bro. Whatever." I Said. Atleast I knew What Was Up With Niall.

Jess's Pov:

January Fouth. Im Dying. I Swear. Three More Days. I Just Can't Wait For Niall anymore. I had To Get Him off My Mind. I Grabbed My keys, Ran downstairs, ran outside , Jumped Into My Car, and Headed To Nando's. Okay. So Going to Nando's Wasn't A good Choice For Getting Niall Off My Mind. After All, That Was His Favorite Restraunt. So i Went To Starbucks. I Walked Inside And Walked Up To The Counter. " A Number Three And a Blue berry Muffin please." I Dug Threw My Purse And Pulled Out the Money I Needed. " No. Let Me Pay." a Voice Said From behind Me. I Turned Around. " That Isn't Right. I Can Hadle-" "Shh. I got It." He payed And Walked Me Over To a Booth. "Okay, Spill. " " Well, You Look Cute." i'd Like To Get To Know You." " Im Brandon." He Continued. " Jess." I Said. He Was Cute. Tall, Brown Hair, Freckles, Muscular... He Seemed To Be Eyeing Me Also.. " i Love Your Eyes." He Said. I Blushed. Thanks, I Get them From My Mom." i said. He Looked At His Watch. "Shit. Sorry Love, i've Gotta Be on My Way." He Wrote Down His Number On My wrist And left. Woah. i Smiled. What a way To Get My Mind off Niall. (:

Niall's P.O.V:

I Can't Stop Thinking About Jess. So, i logged Onto Facebook And Searched Her. "Jess Hyland" She Seemed To Be One Of My Friends. "Where Do I Know You?" I Asked Myself. i Would Be Back In Ireland. Then I Would Find Out. Then i Would Find Her. I Had Too. " Niall Horan!" Claire Ran into the room. "claire! i picked her up and swung Her around. " I MISSED YOU!" she Smiled. I showed Her The envolope. "do you know a Jess Girl?" "Yeah. She's just An Old Slut. Let's Not Think about Her." She Said. She Began To kiss me. I Kissed Her Back. Not Thinking.. "Niall.. sex?" She asked and winked.No Claire, I have To Finish Packing," I Said. Okay babe. She Replied. She Sat Down On The Edge Of My Bed and Watched Me Pack. This Girl Was amazing. I Just Might Consider...

Jess's P.O.V

( Skipped Three Days.) NIALL COMES HOME TODAY! i Can't Wait. I Got up and got ready. And Eventually passed Out On The Couch. Nothing. About An Hour Later, Nothing. Three Hours later, Nothing. Maybe Niall Really Did Forget me. then i Heard A Knock at The Door."one second.
I Opened The Door To Find Niall Standing There.

Niall's P.O.V:

I Found her House. It looked So Familiar. i knocked On Her Door. There Stood A Beautiful Brunetter Girl. she Looked Like A Teen Version of the photo That i Recived With The Letter. " are You Jess?"she Smiled. " Come On In." She Opened The Door and I Saw A huge Inside Of a House. S he led Me Over To the Couch. " I Knew You'd Remember Me!!" She Smiled. " i honestly Dont. I Tried Really Hard. But I Dont." a Disappointed Look Spread across Her Face. She Got Up And grabbed Something Out Of A Drawer, A Necklace. " You made me This When We Were Five." She Laughed. And Turned It Over. It Had The Same Message as The Photo She Send Me. i Remember That. I Pulled out my wallet And Smiled. I took Out A Picture Of And A Girl. It had To be Jess. "Jessica Marie Hyland." i Remembered All Clear. "Is That You?"
"Yes Niall. It's Me."

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