The first time

The first time I met him he called me names, pushed me into lockers and punched me. How can it lead to this, he told me he hated me, now he says he loves me. My names Abby and this is my story of how I fell in love, or at least I think it's love.


1. Late

I ran through the meadow so I would be quicker I felt the cold winter air tingle my fingers, the fresh smell of grass rose to my nose. I was happy I was late my first lesson in that class is the one and only Niall Horan, everybody worships him just because he's going to boot camp on the X factor this week. But you know what it hasn't always been that way. In our freshman year Niall was a human punching bag and I was the one that had to stand up for him. But that summer Niall died his hair, worked out more and grew taller. Then it was bye bye me because he's part of the 'cool gang' so he has no time for his best friend that stood by him for 15 years, I've been by his side since I was 2. How does he show his respect to me well he calls me names, shoves me into lockers and punches me. Just so he can be part of the cool gang filled with guys who will date you just to get in your pants and slutty hoes, who I'm guessing are pregnant with the size of their stomachs or there just getting fatter. They think they own the school because of their varsity jackets and pom poms. I was about to reach the end of the meadow but with my luck I slipped on the sparkily, green might I add wet grass. The grass stained the left leg on my jeans with a green colour, and I cut my right eyebrow on a twig. I thought I was alone until I heard footsteps coming in my direction. I looked up to see Niall there with a hand out to help me up I gratefully took it. I stood up and ask him "why are you helping me you hate me" I looked at me with hert eyes "what so I can't help someone I'm I really that much of a moster" he said to me with a raised voice "yeah kinda you've been making the last 2 years of my life living hell" tears started strimming down my face. I couldn't handle it anymore I did what I do best, I ran. I ran away from the issue like when my mum died, when my brother moved away and when my dad committed suiced  it's just me alone in a big house filled with memories. I know Niall was chasing after me but I was always faster. I entered the school the first place I knew Niall couldn't get me was the girls bathroom. The hallways where empty you could hear a pin drop, you know if they dropped a pin. They bathrooms where in the next hallway, I turned around the corner shocked at what I see. There was a puffed out Niall blocking the door to the bathroom. He was wearing a blue polo shirt and white chinos, his hair was in a blonde quiff his roots where showing. This is the first time I noticed how goodlooking Niall was. Niall noticed I was here, walked over to me, and grabbed my hands and looked me in the eyes and said something's I thought he would never say to me "Abby Rose Best I know I push you call you names and punch you that is the worst thing that I've ever done, your a beautiful girl with the nicest personality ever, I used to think popularity was everything that's why I did that stuff. But everytime I hert you I hate myself but honestly I love you, your basicly my sister, I know you think I'm a ass but please give me a chance to get our friendship back" "that was the nicest thing anyone has said to me ofcorse ill take you back". I hugged him but there was a devilish smile on his face out of nowhere two jocks walked around the corner. They just started laughing I can't believe him. "That was the nicest thing anyone said to me" one jock mimicked me "ofcorse ill take you back" the other jock said. "I can't believe you Niall Horan I thought you were different" I yelled at him and slapped him leaving a red mark on his cheek. I ran and ran till I was out of this place I'm going home.

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