Into the Book

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be absorbed into a book? Literally?

Arcadia has no choice when she's yanked into the pages of her favourite novel.


1. Have You Ever

Have you ever been completely absorbed into a book? I'm not talking about the few occasions when you're so deep into a book you simply can't find a way to tear your eyes away from the page and escape the fictional world that you have come to know and love. Or the occasions when you become emotionally attached to the characters and it feels like you're actually with them; living their lives; fighting beside them. Nor am I talking about the few times when you think it's a good idea to sit and read a good book on the bus. The book ends up being so good that the noise around you is muted and nothing else really exists apart from the words on the paper... so you end up missing your stop.


I'm talking about the physical sense; literally falling into an open book. And the next thing you know, the characters that were once only alive on paper are now living, breathing beings. The world you once explored through words is now the scene around you; better than any movie could create. And the best part? You're part of the action, you're part of the main plot, you have a role to play. The story that you read is no longer a story; it's reality.


Is that even possible? Lately, the line between reality and fantasy hasn't been that easy for me to tell apart. One minute I'm reading my favourite book 'The Rescue', about a princess stolen from her kingdom by a pack of rabid zombies, and a mere orphan boy sent by the King and Queen to rescue the princess before they turn her into on of them. The next minute, a bony hand covered in flecks of dried blood and mud reaches out from the page and yanks me in. It didn't ask me politely whether I'd like to kindly enter their fictional world. It simply grabbed me by the salmon pink collar of my crisp shirt and wrenched me in. Talk about human rights.


A while later, I finally cracked open one of my eyes to find one of the most ugliest being I had ever been unfortunate to encounter. It was human... but not. The top half of its head was no where to be seen, exposing a half-rotten brain. Its crimson eyes bulged unnaturally out of its blood-shot sockets, never seeming to blink. Skin as pale as snow, yet caked in dried blood. The creature stood with one knee bent and a hunched back, mouth opened wide waiting to catch menacing flies between murky yellow teeth.


Something clicked in my head and I realised that this was one of the zombies out of my book. I could do nothing but lay there on the ground, staring up at the zombie with frightened eyes. I thought of trying to runaway, but then I remembered that these zombies moved fast. Very fast. They could catch with me within seconds and have my head, arms and legs unattached and buried.


"Don't. Move. Princess." The creature growled, forcing each word out with difficulty. That was certainly a disadvantage of having half of your head missing.


Wait. Princess?


I lowered my eyes to my body and noticed, for the first time, that I was wearing a deep blue dress made of soft satin with a lace collar and expensive jewels sewn into the waist. My hair was no longer a short, choppy mess of blacks and purples, but instead replaced with elegant and arranged chocolate curls that could possibly graze the floor as I walk. I am no longer in my sixteen-year-old earth body. What is going on here?


Before I can spare it a second thought, I'm back in my bedroom, in the exact same position I was in before I was forced into the book.

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