My Week in Hogwarts

My entry for the "Week in Hogwarts" competition.
Hope you like the poem!


1. My Week In Hogwarts


I spent a week in Hogwarts, 
The best week of my life,

I learned some spells and charms,
But curses were my strife!

I played some wizard chess,
I was better than Ron Weasley,
I met the Boy Who Lived,
But our time together was measly. 

I had a laugh with Neville,
And Seamus and Luna and Dean,
Seamus blew stuff up (normal),
And Neville looked a bit green!

I spotted Draco Malfoy,
His Slytherin goons abound,
They are really just tools for Malfoy,
Just following him around. 

I saw a lot of Hufflepuffs,
They were nice and very sweet,
And then a lot of Slytherins,
Whose glares I did not meet. 

I was mainly with the Gryfinndors,
And they were fun and pally,
And then the good old Ravenclaws,
Whose attention they can rally. 

My time in Hogwarts was great,
And although I miss it dearly,
I don't belong in the wizarding world,
And I love my own life, really. 

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