Hogwarts, my home

This is my entry for the One week @ hogwarts competition. Hope you like it!!! ~Prongs (Sara)


1. Happy Birthday to me...

As I walked up to the Gryffindor common room, I noticed something unusually odd. Obviously, it was odd. Everything here was extremely odd to the Muggle eye. It was extremely unusual, this time. I mean, there was the time that Fred had caused George's food to explode as soon as he went to eat it. Poor George couldn't eat anything that night because of the charm Fred used. There also was the time that the three of us went to the Owlry and sent a letter to Flitwick using Errol. That clumsy, old bird! The night Flitwick got the letter, he came straight to the Gryffindor dorm... To make a long story short, we got Owlry duty for a week or two.

Anyways, it was an eerie silence coming up the stairs. I got up to the Fat Lady, who guards the Gryffindor common room entrance. She wasn't singing, which was odd, and to make matters worse, she wasn't even IN HER PORTRAIT!!!! Oh how bad that was!

"Fat lady?!" I called out, frantically. "Fat Lady, where are you?!" She came waltzing back into her painting with another person from one of the 1500's paintings.

"I'm here," she said with a sneer in her voice. "Password?"

"Lumos Leviosa." I told her with certainty in my tone.

"Fine, get in there." With that, the portrait swung open and I walked into the common room. It was weird because the lights in the common room were completely out, it was only half past seven.....

"Lumos," I whispered, and a light came out from my wand. "Hello?!" I called out nervously. The lights in the common room came on and I had to squint to adjust my eyes to the lights.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!"  All of them screamed. I was overjoyed! I knew Fred and George had something in mind for my birthday, just not THIS!!! It was absolutely amazing! Speaking of my friends, where are they? I went up to Angelina Johnson and asked her where they were. Apparently she had too much Butterbeer, because her answer was:

"Jdgfddjsfdsafjkdf.....hey!...." I decided to ask someone more useful, so I approached Lavender Brown. She was in my dorm and obviously, in my year.

"Hey, do you know where Fred and George are?" I asked. She was too busy snogging Dean Thomas! Gah! Could I at least find someone who knows where they were?!? I approached Ron.

"Hey Ron," I started.

"Hey! Happy Birthday!" he responded.

"Thanks, do you know where your brothers are?" I asked him trying to get to the point.

"My brothers are in the Infirmary, George got the Wizard's Flu."

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