A new me a new day

A girl called Caitlin moved school because her mum got a new job , her new school isn't what she thought it would be ,she try's out for cheer leading but because jane the head cheerleader thinks she will become more popular than her she says she isnt good enough .Niall the most popular jock in school sees she doesn't get in and starts to talk to her .
She starts her own dance group for all the girls who don't get into the cheer leading squad !!!!


1. The move

It was a start of a new semester and Caitlin had moved house and school She begged her mum not to make her go but she said "you have got to accept us moving if you want a better life" She ran to her room for one last time and poured her eyes out And sobbed and sobbed until the van had came for all of the boxes to be taken to there new house . 


Once they got there She ran upstairs and picked her room  she said "mum it's a bigger house for just the two of us what's the point of it unless your gonna have a lot of people over??"

Caitlin's mum said with a shy voice "we've moved to a bigger house for you and so you can have all your new friends down"

later that week Caitlin started school she walked to the bus stop and got on the bus she sat next to a girl with green glasses and two pigtails with a blue dress on listening to her iPod  

 When she got to school she walked to the head and asked for her classes ,her first class was science and as she walked in she seen the most perfect smile ,eyes and hair . Her teacher, mr hum told her to sit next to the boy she seen as she walked in . Mr hum said "with your lab partner I want you to conducted a light source ,you have this lesson and next to compleat or you get an F "

The boy she had seen introduced him self "hi I'm Niall I must bee your lab partner"

caitlin replayed with a nervous tone "ye must be"  

It was second lesson English and she got told to sit next to a girl with brown eyes and blond her she had the Most amazing clothes on ,Caitlin introduced her self "hi I'm Caitlin " the girl seemed happy to have a new person sit next to her she looked like she was about to say something but never she just introduced her self "ye hi I'm Lisa " after the bell rung Caitlin walked to the lunch line and got her lunch then she haired a Boise shout her name 

"Caitlin Caitlin over here come sit with us " Caitlin was so happy she didn't have to sit alone 


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