Love from another world

Zoe is just an ordinary girl who lives in Starr South Carolina. But when a boy named Zachary moves in next to her, her life will change forever.


1. A new face

From the moment Zoe met him she knew there was something different about him. She wasn't sure if it was his clothes or the way he acted around, or something more. Zoe was a 17 year old girl with blonde hair and gray eyes. She was known for falling in love with just about any guy she saw on the streets. But Zachary was something more. She had just met him a few days ago when he moved to Starr South Carolina- a small city in South Carolina a few miles away from the border of Georgia. Zoe was surprised when he moved here because normally nobody moved here unless their ancestors were born and raised here. It was a quiet and friendly place to live but got boring when you lived here all your life. Zoe knew for a fact that there was no family that ever lived here with the name of elewood. She put all those thoughts put of her head as she walked up the front steps of his house. 


A/N: sorry it's so short ill try to make the next chapter longer. Please comment on what you think about it so far.

Also how do you change the book cover?? Mine looks boring plz comment!!

Thanks Xx Abbey


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