Sophia is like any other girl but then weird things start to happen to her. Someone or something is stalking her and she doesn't know why? The only way to find out is to confront it. However it doesn't go to plan.


1. The Beginning

Heart beating. Mind racing. Breathing stops. Just seeing his silhouette makes me want to feint. It’s him, he’s coming towards me, what should I do, what should I say? Wait… what is he holding? Is that a gun?

Two weeks earlier

                Why does Miss Harvey always give us an essay when on earth am I going to get this done? I bet Scarlet has already finished it! Why does she have to be such a nerd? Well I better hurry up or I am going to miss the bus.

                ‘Hi Sophia!’

                ‘Oh hi Poppy! How are you?’

                ‘I’m good thanks I was just wondering what you are going to write in your essay as I am struggling to think of what things to say and I am really busy and so I was wondering whether I could… just… copy yours, I will change a few words of course but…’

                Why can’t she just shut up! She never does her homework, what can she be doing in the evenings? Blah, blah, blah does she ever stop talking? What’s the time, oh no…

                ‘You know I don’t copy often it’s just that…’

                ‘I’m sorry Poppy I need to go, it’s my bus, and I’ll miss it otherwise.’

                ‘Oh ok well just think about the essay you know I hardly ever do anything like this but I have this thing and that other thing and…’

                ‘Bye Poppy’

                I can’t believe she was asking to copy my essay, I bet she would take all the credit as well, I really don’t like her. I guess she can stuff it. Right what am I doing tonight, Science eugh, English double eugh and oh yeah history, I guess that is ok. Oh look, it’s raining great! What a great walk home it will be! I hope the bus is already there, I really don’t want to wait in the rain… Who’s that guy by the science classroom? He’s not a teacher, not a pupil and definitely not old enough to be a parent!...Mmmnnnn… Oh look there’s Lola.


                ‘Hey, why aren’t you at the bus stop?’

                I was going to ask you the same thing! I am on my way now, what about you? Why aren’t you there?’

                ‘Didn’t I tell you I’m not on the bus today? Sorry my bad, I have a volleyball competition.’

                ‘Oh ok don’t worry about it. Did you see that guy standing outside the science classroom? He was, well I don’t know just standing there?’

                ‘No when was he there?’

                ‘Just then, look … oh he’s not there anymore, I wonder where he went, what is he doing in a girl’s school?’

                ‘I don’t know what did he look like?’

‘Well I need to go but I’m not sure, I didn’t see his face just his silhouette.’

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