Just Like Magic!

What happens when your deepest, most craziest dream comes true? It's just like magic!


1. Forgotten and Surprise!

I slightly opened my eyes and looked up at my plain white ceiling. I turned my head slightly to look over at a poster I had bought the other day. It read "Keep Calm And Go To Hogwarts". I smiled and widened my eyes before sitting up and stretching my arms out.

"One day" I whispered to myself before slipping my slippers onto my feet. I wiggled my toes around in them before standing up and walking downstairs.

"Morning" My mum walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek, "I am just going to work, your big brother will look after you!" she smiled.

I waved goodbye, but without a smile on my face. I knew she had forgotten... AGAIN! It was my 13th birthday today, and she had forgotten completley. She was to buired in her work to take any notice of my desperate pleas to visit Harry Potter World in Orlando.

I walked over to the cupboard and took out a box of cheerios and poured them into my bowl. I put milk in and set it down on the table with a glass of orange juice and my spoon. I took my Harry Potter book of the shelf and set it down before multi-tasking, Reading and eating at the same time.

When I finished breakfast I walked up-stairs, I peeked inside my brothers room and saw that he lay fast asleep under the covers. I rolled my eyes and wondered into my room. 

"Er - I need to be at King's Cross tomorrow to - to go to Hogwarts." I read. I smiled lightly and put my bookmark in. I stood up and walked over to my poster.

"To go to Hogwarts" I muttered as I closed my eyes. I chuckled to myself, I was never going to go to hogwarts. I opened my eyes and leant against the poster, "To go to Hogwarts" I repeated. I opened my eyes and looked around, then I gasped. I was not in my room anymore. I looked at my surroundings and felt around where I was. I spotted we were on a train, I looked out the window and frowned, where the heck was I?

"Excuse me?" I heard a small knock on the door and it opened, "Could I sit in here with you?" a girl around my age asked.

"S-sure!" I stumbled over my words.

"Are you alright?" the girl sat down beside me on the ever so comfy cushioned seats.

"Yes... Actually where are we?" I chuckled a little. My surroundings were ever so retro but it was in such mint condition, it really suprised me. The girl laughed and patted me on the shoulder.

"Have you been struck with an obliviator?" she giggled, "We are on the Hogwarts express silly! On our way to Hogwarts!".

"Your joking" I gasped. But I was pretty sure she was not telling fibs. I knew everything felt familiar, but I could not get my fingers it.

"No! I am telling the complete and utter truth!" she chuckled. I could not believe I was on my way to Hogwarts, "Oh, and by the way, my name is Lily Evans," she held out her hand for me to shake, which I delivered.

"Mother of Harry Potter?" I gasped under my breath. Luckily she didn't hear me. I didn't want to alter the future.

"Pardon me?" she asked, "What is your name?".

"Never mind, I'm Ella Suzanne Jones…" I smiled, "But you can call me El."

"What a lovely name," she complimented with a chuckle. I grinned at her then looked out the window, I could not get my head around it! I was on my way to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry!

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