I Love You

Kate, a normal girl. Famous all over the world, just making these funny videos with her bestfriend Janna. What happens when Kate bumps into a boy?

Will they be together? Read to find out >>>>>


1. The meeting of Harry Styles


“Do it, Do it, Do it! Come on Kate!! Just do it!!” Janna begged me.

“I can’t it’s too BIG!!! You see, look how much it is, it’s like a gigantic gulp for Big Foot.” I said.


Janna was holding a camcorder, recording me gulp this whole thing, letting me burp  and posting it on our website. We kinda make funny videos, then post it and we ask all our viewers for suggestions on what they want us to do.


One fan asked “Hey Guys!, This question is for Kate: Can you gulp a carbonated drink and burp???”


And we accepted this, sadly eventhough how weird it was. 

I gulped the drink, but nothing came out of my mouth. Janna has stopped the camcorder after I gulped it and nothing happened, but we are still going to post it. 


“What happened??? Why didn’t it work?” Janna asked.


“I don’t know, something went wrong I guess...”


“Did you swallow it with ONE gulp? or more?”




“Then what happened?”


“I..” I was going to say something when “BURPPPP!”


“Now it’s coming. Hehe... You’re funny.”


“Oh I know I am funny, Oh stop it you!!”


“Okay, I’ll stop.”


“No, no don’t!!!”


“Well, you said, Oh stop it you!”


“Ugh, nevermind.”




“So you want to go and get some Starbucks?”


“Okie!” I replied joyfully as because we got a TON of viewers and comments from our last video. We always celebrate.


We both got our coats from the coat hanger as to the weather here is very cold now. We stepped into our Tom’s and headed out of door.


So we both were in the streets of London, skipping all around. We were making a scene but, WHO CARES?  


“Welcome to Starbucks, how may I help you?” The chinky girl on the counter said.


“2 Caramel Frappé's please.” Janna said.


“Ok, and may I have your names please?”


“Janna and Kate.”


“Ok, that would be $3.99.”


I handed the money to her and waited by the corner.


“2 CARAMEL FRAPPÉS FOR JANNA AND KATE!”  The waiter with blonde hair and pimples said.


Janna walked there and took our drinks as we dashed out of the door to the cooling breeze of London. We skipped around, nearing our apartment, when suddenly.


“Shit.” A voice said.


He had bumped me to the floor and hit my arse flat to the cold floor.


“Are you alright, Love?” he said.


“Mmm..” I said in pain.


Janna was just staring at us, not even trying to help.


“Umm... I’m Harry, and You are?”


“K-Kate.” I stuttered.


“Okay, Kate where do you live? I’ll carry you home, for bumping you to the floor.”


“No, it’s fine.” I said while trying to lift my body up.


“Well too bad. I have to.” He said carrying me with his right arm beneath my knee and my stomach over his shoulder.


“Put me down!!!” I tried to encourage him whilst softly hitting his back.


“No. Uhh.. So, Janna, Hi, where do you live” He asked.


Janna was just there, frozen, staring at us.


“Janna, I swear, if you tell him, you’re going to die!!”


“Oh, uh.. Sorry, I zoned out. It’s 2 blocks from here and then turn right.” Janna said.




I said as I heard Harry stifle a laugh. 


“What?” I shouted behind his back.


“No, nothing at all. It’s just that you two are funny.”


Janna and I blushed. I just met a stranger, who bumped me and now... yeah. 


‘Harry’ was still carrying me behind him while I was silently cursing Janna for telling our address.




“Here we go.” Harry said while gently letting me down from his back.


“Nice Apartment!”


“Thanks.” I replied.




“So, you should get going. It’s getting kinda late, ya know.”


“No, it’s actually fine.” He said while getting my laptop from the coffee table and looking at the screen weirdly.


“What are you doing with my laptop?” I asked suspiciously.


“Oh, so you’re making videos?..” He replied so interested, not minding my question.


“Aheemmm!” I faked coughed to get his attention.


“I think I might have heard of this. Wait, are you the one who did the big gulp and said the gulp was for big foot?” He laughed questionally.


“Oh, you know us? Wow, awkward.” Janna said sarcastically.


We were actually famous around the country. Our weirdness started at around 2008. We started filming and getting ideas from people as because Janna’s aunt told us to try it out for the summer cause we weren’t doing much.


“Don’t act so sarcastic!!!” He said.


“Well, don’t get mad at us. We’re famous... not like you.” I said.


“Really now. Let’s see then. When the year is ending I will be in a boy band named ‘One Direction’. ”


“Oh yeah? Let’s see about that. If you don’t succeed you have to be my slave for 2 YEARS.”


“Oh, not a problem at all for me. I would be even FINE if it was 10 years.” He said slowly while checking me out.


“Ugh! I give up with you!” I said frustratedly, walking to my room.


I went to my closet and got a long shirt around mid-thigh and underwear, forgetting Harry was there. I then changed and tied my hair into a messy ponytail. I got out to see a smirking guy sat on my bed.


“You look hot babe.” He said moving his head up and down at my body.


“AHHHH! What are you still doing here? I thought Janna kicked you out!”


He didn’t reply. I was thinking. Harry was biting his bottom lip, it felt so tempting to kiss him. Kate, snap out of it. Remember, I hate him. 


“Hmm? did you say something?” He asked me like nothing just happened.




“Oh, she said I could stay. She also senses that you like me.”


“You’re lying. PFFT!, like that’s believable.”


“Oh it is. So, I should head out now.”




“I love it when you’re angry.” He replied, winking at me.


“Did you just wink at me?”


He was leaving, before that, he looked back at me, smiling, showing off his dimples.

It was pretty, those cute dimples. And again, Kate snap out of it!!!! 




“WAKE UP KATE, WAKE UP!!! IT’S LUNCH TIME ALREADY!” Janna screamed into my ear jumping on top of the bed.




“Come on, Harry is here!”


“Ha? Ha? W-what???”


“Hehe, I knew that would work. But now, I got you awake.”


“Grr! What’s the big emergency?”


“I need your help, Nick is bringing me out tonight. I need you to choose clothes for me, do my hair and make-up.”


“W-wait.. who is Nick???”


“My boyfriend! You dummo!” She said smacking my head.


“Oh yeah, just give me a minute. I’ll just shower and change.”


“K, meet you in my room. I got breakfast and lunch ready in my room.”




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