Summer's here

A story of two hearts. A story about how one cannot tell one's heart what to feel, or who to feel for. A love story between two people that cannot be together, but are not able to renounce each other. Summer's here, and their lives will change forever.


1. Summer's here.

Summer began slowly, without anyone really noticing that it was until it was stifling hot and humid. Summer crept along the porches and the pools’ surfaces, it leaked inside the houses, came in through the back door. But eventually, summer arrived, and everyone was left gasping for breath. The humidity clung to everyone’s bodies like wet clothing and made everyone wish they were in fact wearing wet clothing. Or simply nothing at all.

Summer was sitting on her porch, waiting for her friend to arrive. Summer Clark found her name most ironic in those days when the heat of summer caused her to sweat and dive inside the pool at all times of the day and of the night, when she wished that summer would end and winter would begin. She found the fact that she loved winter much more than summer even more ironic.

She finally heard the roar of a car’s engine, and a red cabriolet skidded to halt in front of her. Summer smiled her warm smile, and walked on the other side, jumping inside the car without opening the door. She landed on the seat with a soft thud, and kissed her friend’s cheeks. Andrea smiled at her, and pointed to the back seat.

“Today its Anna Karenina. You?”

Summer picked her book of choice out of her bag, and showed her the title.

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This woman is simply brilliant. You can read it when I am done with it.” They smiled at each other.

The ride to Andrea’s house was silent, both of them lost in their own thoughts. Summer turned her head to look at Andrea, her newly found friend. They had met only a few weeks earlier, and had clicked without a glitch. They were exactly the same, but yet so different.

Andrea’s hair was being thrown around by the wind, and for a second Summer thought the strands were rays of light, they were so golden. Without realizing it, she reached over and caught a strand in her hand.

Andrea looked at her, puzzled.

“Keep your eyes on the road. Your hair keeps getting in my mouth, I am tying it for you.” Summer caught most of her friend’s hair and pulled it together into a ponytail. Her hands stroked the back of Andrea’s neck a couple of times, and she felt a weird sensation in her stomach.

Andrea’s face hardened, and she looked at Summer with a hint of wonder in her eyes. Summer wondered if she had felt it too, and the thought scared her senseless. They quickly turned away from each other, and Andrea concentrated on the road. Summer stared at the waves crushing on the beach, as they sped on the road running right next to the sand. The waves assaulted the beach, the retreated suddenly, as if scared of venturing further on the burning sand. Summer related with that more than ever before. She was scared of venturing deep into the meaning of the many signs she had received over the past few weeks, so she retreated sharply every time she went too far. Like just a few seconds ago.

Finally, they reached the house, and Summer jumped out of the car gratefully. She started towards the house, Andrea close behind her.

“Dad! Summer is here!” Andrea screamed in the direction of her father’s studio. They received a muffled grunt in response, and started up the stairs towards Andrea’s room. On the way there, they were stopped by Andrea’s mother. She stepped out of her room just as they reached the first floor landing.

Her drunken drawls made Summer feel a sudden surge of pity for both her and Andrea. She looked at her friend with a concerned expression, but Andrea simply helped her mother back inside her room, took the bottle of vodka from her and headed towards the second floor. Summer followed in silence, waiting for the privacy of her room to ask about what had just happened. Of course she knew that Andrea’s mother drank too much, since her other son had died in a car accident a few years back. But she had never actually seen her out of her room, and she was silently thankful that she had not had to witness that sight before. Andrea’s mother had been a beautiful woman once, but the alcohol had turned into a wrinkled shell of what she used to be.

Andrea strode into her room and flung herself on her bed.

Summer stared at her friend and smiled. Andrea really was beautiful, she took after her mother. Her perfectly shaped blue eyes were capable of leaving you breathless, and her blond hair stood out on her dark skin. The tan she had so diligently worked on really looked good on her, Summer realized. And then she stopped herself. She was venturing too far on the boiling sand, and she stopped.

She curled up on the window seat that faced the pool, and took out her book. Andrea was already immersed in hers, and Summer followed suit.

There were several minutes of silence, as both the girls read avidly the piece of history they held in their hands. Summer was just halfway through Angelou’s description of Reverend Thomas when Andrea grabbed her hand and squeezed.

Summer almost jumped out of her seat, as electric shocks shot through her spine.

“Listen to this! This line applied perfectly!” Andrea looked at her with excitement shining in her eyes, and Summer nodded. They often did this, when they found very important and meaningful lines in the books they were reading. They would hold hands and share the line, before silently pondering them in the privacy of their own souls. Summer grabbed Andrea’s other hand, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach.

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” whispered Andrea. She then looked through the floor, and Summer realized she was looking at her mother, without really seeing her.

“Andrea.. – she started, before being interrupted.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Andrea said.

They looked at each other, holding hands. Summer did not want to let go. She felt at home, she felt happy. But eventually she realized Andrea probably was wondering why she wasn’t freeing her hands, and released her friend.

“Alright, back to reading. Let me know if you find something interesting” Andrea winked, and Summer giggled like a school girl. Which she was.

“Actually this part is pretty funny. The Reverend’s teeth fall out during the sermon because he gets hit in the back of the head by the purse of a woman pretending to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit!” I handed her the book, and watched expectantly as she read through the chapter, skim reading faster than anyone she had ever seen. She then burst into a fit of giggles, uncontrollable. Summer soon joined her, and before they knew they were holding each other, laughing like never before.

“Preach it!” Andrea whispered through the fits, and Summer fell down on the floor, crashing down from the window seat, taking Andrea with her.

When the laughter died down, they awkwardly got up and off each other. Summer started at her blue eyes and realized that if she kept looking she would lose herself in them. Andrea in turn flashed her one of her blinding smiles, and Summer felt slightly queasy.

They smiled, and went back to reading their respective books.


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