Perrie's couisn

Jess is living the life as a teenage girl. The only catch is that she is cousins with Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix. When her parents die unexpectedly one day Jess has to live with Perrie. What happens when she meets her favorite band One Direction? Will there be romance?


1. Info


Looks: Long straight dirty blonde hair, blue eyes with green flecks and perfectly tanned skin

Personality: nice, funny and popular 

Interests: boys, music, boys, the beach, boys and dance

Best Friends: Skylar (Skye) and Rebecca (Becca) 


Looks: Long brown wavy hair, green eyes and tan skin 

Personality: sweet, bitchy at times, and popular 

Interests: dance and boys 

Best Friends: Jessica (Jess) and Rebecca (Becca)


Looks: Long curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes, freckles and medium colored skin

Personality: popular, calm and nice 

Interests: boys, music, the beach and dance

Best Friends: Skylar (Skye) and Jessica (Jess) 

Little Mix- same as today 

One Direction- same as today 


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