“ I got you guys a cabin for the summer!” My mom said as we all cheered. What we didn’t know was that this summer was going to be a summer well remember for the rest of our lives.

Hi my names Alexis. My best friends are Shelby Grey, Madison Johnson, Alex Constancio, Robert Villanueva, and Austin Mahone. You may know Austin Mahone as being a famous singer but to me, he’s one of my best friends. We all have been friends since 6th grade and were all really close. Everything was all good between us until Austin got famous and moved to Florida. The girls and I haven’t really hung out with Austin in over a year but we’ve talked on the phone, skyped, and tweeted each other. It just wasn’t the same. That’s when my mom said that we should get a cabin on a lake and hangout for the summer. Everyone agreed. This is going to be such an awesome summer!


1. Chapter one

“Come on Alexis! We don’t want the boys getting there and stealing the good room!” I heard Shelby scream from downstairs. I was just finishing up with getting my stuff ready. I sipped up my suitcase and sat down with a sigh of relief. All done. I got my phone out of my shorts pocket. 1 unread message.

Austin: The boys and I are going to get there first! We've already left, bet you haven’t! ;p

Me: Oh no your not! I'll speed!

Austin: Don’t speed silly! Well see you at the cabin(:

                “ALEXIS IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR PRETTY BUTT DOWN HERE I'M COMING UP TO GET YOU!” Madison screamed. I laughed while carrying my suitcase down the stairs. “So you think my butts pretty?” I asked Madison. She just laughed and said, “Lets go!” We got our stuff in my car. I waved goodbye to my mom and off we were on the open road. Well it only took like 20 minutes to get there but a girl can dream right? The whole ride there we shouted the lyrics to every song that came on. Every time we’d pass a car they’d look at us funny but we didn’t care. We had finally started to pull down a road known as Cabin Road. It wasn’t really original but who cares. As we drove down the road, we saw like 20 cabins. Finally we got to our cabin. I saw the boys were already here. We all got out of the car and headed inside. It was so beautiful! There was a sunroof, a fireplace, and a huge living room. “Boys! We’re here!” Shelby yelled. No answer. We heard a creak upstairs so we decided to check it out. “Hey guys, where are you?” I asked walking 1st up the stairs. I reached the top and heard another creak down the hallway. I slowly walked to the room it was coming from and slowly opened the door. I was about to walk in when Austin jumps out In front of me. This made me scream, which also makes Shelby and Madison scream. I stood there holding my chest. “Austin! Don’t do that! You almost gave me a heart attack.” I said. “Is that all I get for being away for almost a year?” he said smiling. I smiled at him and he engulfed me in a hug. When we both let go I noticed Alex and Robert behind him. We all went around giving each other hugs and talked for a while before actually doing anything.

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