Dark Moments

Night is anything but a normal girl. She fears herself and what will happen if anyone finds out. Damin, a man who's constantly showing up, threatens to reveal her real form. Frightened as she is Night agrees to a horrible plan. (This is my first story so cut me some slack if it's bad)


1. Man in the Trees

My name is Night. Yea I look normal but I'm anything but. I have long silky hair the color of a starless night sky. My eyes are an amber color almost like flames. I'm short, around 5 foot, with only little curves and basically a flat chest. I was wearing a gray tshirt, jeans, black leather jacket, and leather high heeled boots. I strode down the halls of my high school, full of girls and boys sharing spit. It's disgusting. I scowl. I've never had a boyfriend or even been kissed. Not even by my dad. I'd been 4 when my mother passed and my father was abusive. Finally I couldn't take it, I flew into a murderous rage at age 9 and turned into...well I'd rather not say. I killed my dad and ran as far as possible. I wanted to escape from all of it. So I did. I grew up myself learning what I needed and avoiding all I thought was bad. Now that I was bigger I was able to control my anger. As I stopped at my locker I heard the whispers of Kelly and her dumb friend April. Both brunettes but Kelly was taller with bigger breasts. April had a haircut down to her chin and bangs with green eyes. Kelly had cold blue eyes. "Did you hear? Josh is having a party at his house on Friday." April giggled.  Yet another party I was not invited to. "I did! He's finally gonna make a move on me. I can feel it!"  'Yea, sure Kelly.' I thought, rolling my eyes.  Kelly, along with almost every other girl in school, dawned over Josh. I will admit he is quite the looker. Tall, short brown hair, puppy dog eyes, a minty white smile, and muscles. I mean, this guy had muscles. His biceps were almost as big as a basketball and he had a rock hard 6-pack of abs. And wearing shirts that I'm sure would rip as soon as he bent over was not helping his problem with the girls. Though I'm pretty sure he, along with the bunch of block headed guys who followed him, didnt mind the flocks of girls that followed them like moths to light. "You're both damn fools. " I muttered, shutting my locker after grabbing my notebook and book for math.  "EXCUSE me?" Kelly asked, turning to me knitting her eyebrows.  "I said you're idiots." I snapped and quickly walked away.  They annoyed the hell out of me. I didn't want to talk to them. I walked in my classroom and say in the last row. First in again. Mr. Jones glanced at me through his stylish rectangular glasses. "Hello Night. How's your day so far?" He asked.  "Fine." I said and looked down opening my notebook. I flipped to the last page a started sketching a picture of a here of deer grazing in a meadow.  "Um...you know you don't have to be here for another 20 minutes." He smiled a crooked smile.  Our school gave 20 minutes after lunch to get to class. "I know. Stop telling me." I glared at him.  "Just saying." He raised his hands up in a ok-ill-back-off way. He told me everyday. I spent the rest of the time sketching. By the time the class filtered in I'd finished. Several kids were missing. 'Drunkees.' I thought. I managed to survive the rest of the time in math. Finally school was over and I could escape to my apartment. I hopped on my bike riding down a street. As I rode I noticed something in the trees. A shadow of man. As I went by he looked at me and grinned. My eyes widened and I nearly fell. Those teeth...we're pointed like a dog. 

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