Get Out of Our Life {Sequal to "Darcys Little Feet"}

I recommend you to read DARCYS LITTLE FEET first. Niall is having some hard times getting over Jess. How will Harry take it? Well Poor liam who breaks up with Daniielle starts to like her too. When she starts hangin out with Niall and Josh does harry get jealous?


1. Chapter 1 fell hard

SKIP CARNIVAL                      Jess pov            OMG I feel  so bad for Niall he had got so close to a girl but obviously she was drunk and he didnt know she had a boyfriend. Once we got back all of them looked at Nialls messed up face there was bruises everywhere but I got off all of the blood off of Niall. I cannot believe wht just happened. But before that there was something even more shocking                                      ------------------------------- FLASHBACK--------------------------------      I was cleaning off the blood of Nialls face and he leaned in and KISSED ME.    "Im sorry your just so beautiful" Wow that was so awkward.                                                -------------------------------------------END FLASHBACK-------------------------------------------------                                                                             I didnt know he liked me well loved me but this has to end soon ONE DIRECTION MIGHT SPLIT UP. I wont let that happen I have to tell Eleanor nd Dannielle. Niall just fell HARD (NOT LITTERALLY)                                                         A\N SORRY SO SHORT

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