Isn't She LOVELY

It's about a girl named Hailey and her and Louis Tomlinson are dating!!!!


1. The PURFECT Guy:)

"Hailey,Hailey!" I heard my mom yell from down stairs "Yes,Mother what do you want?" I yelled back louder "If you want to go on that date with Louis you better vacum the house and clean your room" "UGGGGGGG fine, but do I get paid?" I asked "Yes boo you are getting paid" "Ok ill do it." It's 8:30 and Louis will be here in 30 minutes,so I kept cleaning and finally after another 15 minutes of cleaning I was finally done I was sooooo HAPPY!!!!! I hurried down stairs to get my clothes and after another 10 minutes of trying to find something to wear I found the PURFECT outfit it was red skinny jeans, black toms and a red stripped shirt. "Hailey, Louis is here" Oh no I was thinking to myself I gotta hurry so we can go so I yelled back "tell him to come in and I will be down in a second!!!" "OK" i heard my mom reply. I walked out of my room and called Louis's name and he replied "U ready?" "Yea,lets go!!!" I relpied. My mom came to the door and yelled "Love you boo" I replied "OKKKK!! byez." While we were pulling out of my drive way Louis asked "were would you like to go?" I replied "UM I have some ideas!!" "LIKE WHAT????" Louis relplied.

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