The Bench at the End of the Road


1. A New Book


    I wish we still lived in the Victorian era, with their gigantic penny farthings, big lacy dresses, and amazing stagecoaches. Now, now everything is blah. Fords, Pickups, pretty much everything that has wheels, what do they do? Release harmful things into our environment? What ever happened to the dirt roads? Or the concept all roads lead to Rome, have you seen the arial view of Boston? If I had one wish granted, just ONE, I would want to take five thousand dollars and go back in time. I'd be rich. Don't get me wrong, the modern age has invented a lot of good things too. Cell Phones, Video games, and e-Books, but it has given us some horrible things too.

     "I think Ill go take a walk in the park, I’ve got writers' block." I said and I put away my flowery journal. I smoothed my fingers across the gold printed lettering 'Erin'. I went over to my bedroom mirror, and tied my hair into a tidy bun. I grabbed my latest novel, I still don't know what to call it. One thing I do know is that I couldn't bear to lose it.

    At the park I sat down on the bench at the end of the road, I find I always go there when I get writers’ block. I continued to write in my novel. They looked into each others’ eyes, and the bank robber smiled. “I’ve never seen anyone like you before.” She took her hand off the security button and-.

    “OW!” Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the park bullies, they had just hit me in the face with a football.

     “What’s the matter? Don’t like playin’ sports, do ya, Earin?”

     “It’s ERIN! I hate sports! I’d much rather read or write!”

     “I guess the namby-pamby girly girl doesn’t like to play sports! I say she better learn her lesson!” Mikey, the leader then kicked the water sprinkler out of the ground, and water began spraying on me and my precious novel.

     “NO! YOU, YOU, I HATE YOU ALL!” I shrieked. Before I knew it I had punched jimmy in the face, and his cheek was smarting at me. I grabbed my ruined book and ran, ran all the way home. I didn’t want to think of what they would do to me if they caught me.

     When I got home I immediately put my book on my desk, and turned the ceiling fan on to let it air dry. I took out my journal and began to write. I’m glad I got my book home, I’ll need to get u early to be able to get a new one at the store. I will have to avoid the bullies, Mikey, Jimmy, and Carl. If they find me they will probably rip my novel to pieces. I shivered at the sheer thought of it. NO! I can’t let that happen! I’ve got to defend myself, fake knowing karate or something. Yea, that’s it! So I’ll set my alarm clock for six, I just hope I don’t oversleep. I yawned and turned my lamp off. I then drifted softly into sleep.

     When I awoke I quickly got u and put on leggings, a leopard shirt and black skirt. I then put my hair up in a ponytail. I put my jacket on, as the mornings are always colder than the noon. I walked down the sidewalk until I came to the department store. When I got into the store I immediately rushed to the arts and crafts section, which is where I get most of my journal stuff. I found my usual book choice out of stock, in fact most of them were.

    “May I help you?” asked the store clerk, she must have known what I was looking for.

     “Yes, I would like to know where the blank books are.”

     “Oh, my dear, we are all out of them, would you prefer a notebook?” I knew that I didn’t, I can only write well if I can ‘sense’ the book itself.

     “No, thanks anyway.”

     “Look for anything else you need.” She walked away, and I spotted it, a greenish gold book, with Celtic symbols on the cover. It was perfect! I didn’t know how much it costs but at that point, I didn’t care. I took the book over to the checkout, where another shopkeeper looked perplexed.

     “Where did you find this?” she asked.

     “It was just on the shelf.”

     “Did you happen to see a price on it?”

     “No, it was just lying there.”

     “Ok, let me go ask the manager about it.”

     “Ok.” The lady left and she took the book. A few minutes later the manager came out.

     “Young Lady, Do you know exactly what you plan to write in this book?”

     “Yes, yes I do.”

     “Just be careful with it. It has more than just pages in it you know.”

     “Okay… So how much is it?”

     “It’s free.”

     “OH, No I can’t do that!”

     “Just take it, write your book!” I left ten dollars on the table anyway. I walked home, I had some writing to attend to.


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